Should I just end the series at RE5?

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User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#11
Plant42 posted...
Mercs 3D? Are you serious?

Yeah, the game was basically meant for people who were fans of the previous Mercs. modes, and that's just what it is..Mercs. on the go. It's a bit buggy, and they nerfed the hell out of Jill's DKD, but it still provided hours & hours of entertainment for me ^______^; ..that's the point of games, no? XD

User Info: tlcstormz

4 years ago#12
este914 posted...
I'd play in this order;

0, 1, 2, 3, C:VX, 4, 5, 6, Revelations

Have fun!

NO OUTBREAK?????????

How DARE you!

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User Info: cyan1001

4 years ago#13

User Info: Tarrum

4 years ago#14
GangrenousKhan posted...
When I pick games to play from videogame franchises, I try to pick the very best, while neglecting to play other games in the franchise because of a loss of quality that franchises seem to suffer after awhile. There have been exceptions to this of course (MGS).

I am fairly new to the Resident evil franchise. I downloaded and watched/played all of the Resident evil movies and the first 2 video games (RE1 and RE2) over the past week. My plan is to round the series off with RE 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I am most likely not going to play 6, since, according to the general consensus, it is a complete mess, which contrasts with the other games because they got very good reviews. Not only that, but I heard that the primary story line started with RE1 ended in 5. So 6 sounds like it is some kind of addendum.

Without giving away any spoilers, can anyone tell me if I will be able to get a full quality story with RE 5 and call it a day?

I dont know! Its up to you what games you play and the order you play them in.
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User Info: MidniteAssassin

4 years ago#15
You should play all of them. That way you can be one of these people that all have different opinions on what the best RE games are.
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User Info: Longsnout

4 years ago#16
The essentials probably belong in the PS-GameCube-PS2 range, going from RE1, RE2, RE3, Code Veronica, REmake, RE0 and RE4. I've played RE1, RE2, Code Veronica and RE4; currently playing RE5. The series stopped being survival horror with RE0 and stopped being a good series altogether with RE4. RE5 and , I suspect, RE6, are good co-op games with tons of replay value, but nothing much else going on. Not bad games, just mediocre by comparison.

User Info: LeftiesRule

4 years ago#17
Honestly you should just end the series at CODE VERONICA X.

Heck I think the OUTBREAK'S did a better job at the "HORROR ASPECT" than 5&6. In my opinion both OUTBREAKS had a better story too.

Although.... Revelations wasn't that bad actually. I do recommend playing it.

User Info: sonicbn

4 years ago#18
dont forget the GREATEST game of the series.....gaiden
i kid, but also its worth playing. i love that game.
that game has a ending where if it were cannon, would mind**** the entire series up to a certain point.

User Info: EternalVarik

4 years ago#19
Personally, I recommend playing all of them.

Just understand that some are vastly different than their predecessors, at times this is a boon, and at other times it is a curse. Most are quite fun, and as an avid RE fan it is always interesting to see different perspectives of the story. Not to mention I believe people should make their own decisions on games, especially if they have the money to play them.

But yes, I would say RE6 and Raccoon City are much lower on the "need to play list".

Revelations however, is a damn blast. Get it for the console preferably.
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User Info: KINGR1P

4 years ago#20
Don't listen to these people TC. Everyone here probably bastardized RE5 before RE6 came out because:

1. The forced co-op with Sheva was pretty bad if you didn't know how to set the AI up. Wouldn't recommend Professional with the AI unless you have unlimited ammo.

2. The story was boring.

3. Boss fights were tedious.

4. Level design was pretty bland and the atmosphere was pretty much gone until you get to a certain area near the end of the game.

5. Chris was emotionless even after seeing familiar faces that sparked instant anger in him in previous games.

RE6 was better overall than RE5. Only reason people complain about it is because of the story which, in my opinion, is better than RE5 but not by much. All of the characters have more life than them than Chris did, the atmosphere in Leon's campaign is more evident than RE5 put together, guns were better, and the gameplay mechanics were better and more effective to use in this kind of game.

Its a good game. Not as good as RE4 but much better than RE5. Make this topic after RE7 drops and many people will jump ship and claim RE6 was the better game. Its the thing to do on these boards.

Also, don't believe the review sites such as Gamespot and IGN. They scored the game low not because it was bad but it was essentially since the game wasn't what they wanted in an RE game. They judged it based off of that, and it was evident when IGN said the ammo was too scarce when there's a skill you can purchase near the beginning of the game that grants you more ammo pickups from enemies.
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