Anyone up for Handgun-only?

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User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#1
Veteran difficulty from "scratch", starting handgun only (the one you pick up at 1-1), clean inventory.

Not allowed
- Item box
- Money you already have on that file. Empty your wallet by buying stuff and tossing 'em in the box, or simply remember how much $ you're holding and only spend what you collect beyond that

Items allowed
- Grenades
- Prox Mines
- Stun Rod
- Both vests (gotta buy vests and Stun Rod in the shop though)

Probably allowed
- Turrets
- Gimmick boss weapons (Flamethrower, satellite laser, Wesker RL, etc.)

It's not supposed to be an uber hardcore challenge, just something different and at least harder than playing normally. After RE4 Handgun-only, I am really in the mood to try something similar in RE5, but the AI is just too annoying going solo (no, Sheva, it's not okay to waste 60 bullets in one room...). My friend who usually co-ops RE5 with me won't be able to play for a while.

Add me on PSN if you're interested! Sadly I don't have a mic, but the campaign is straight-forward enough without one.

PSN: Ren_Dood
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User Info: Ikasnu

3 years ago#2
I would, but I just finished a regular run of RE4, doing Pro next then hopping over to RE5 and doing a run there. Then I can do this. Lol
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User Info: scrapthecap

3 years ago#3
i'd tried hand gun only run in re-4. i ran out of ammo during the salazar fight and never finish the run. so it was kind of a wasted effort. not sure if i wan to do it again in re-5.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#4
I ended up doing the challenge solo 'cause I was really in the mood to play RE5 then. I did it on Normal though, 'cause I didn't feel like dealing with Sheva. I sold her gun and played more aggressively. It was quite fun in the end, and not too hard.

If anyone still wants to do this on Veteran, just add me. Same for RE6, which I also completed Handgun-only the day after RE5 (Leon campaign).

As for RE4, skip as many fights as you can, abuse the environment, spam melee. "Buy" ammo via capacity upgrades. Starting at 3-1 and onward, you should be holding 300-350 bullets per checkpoint. If you drop under 200, reload the file and try to conserve a little better. Salazar isn't too bad if you allow upgrades. Use the knife to kill the 4-2 El Gigante (and Krauser, naturally).
And this time!

User Info: Lovethepython

3 years ago#5
I'll add you or add me. I'm up for anything. I like a challenge.

Also a good way to do challenges on your own is to give your AI Bulletproof and Melee vest, a infinite gold egg (if you have them) and fill rest of the slots up with proximity bombs (they never uses them). Then you won't have to look after her and focus on yourself. She'll rarely die. It's almost like playing solo.

Also have you ever done a no weapons upgrade run? Like start with nothing and only use what you find. It's also pretty interesting.
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User Info: scrapthecap

3 years ago#6
i've done pro-mode. that's a good enough challenge for me already. the ndesu fight took me hours to complete.

but then of course, you can try hand gun only run in pro-mode. that would be some ultimate challenge.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#7
Python, a few players added me (I posted this on another forum too) but I'm not sure you were one of them. Feel free to add. I wasn't available last week so I was kinda late to confirm some requests.

Thanks for the Sheva tip. I didn't want to give her infinite healing 'cause it would kinda defeat the purpose of the challenge (start with an empty inventory), but I gave her most healing items I found, plus grenades. I know eggs are ideal 'cause at least she won't waste single herbs, but I wasn't too patient to farm eggs in 3-1. I waited like 5 or 6 and left.

I've done Pro, scrap, and yeah, it was really tough. I'm not sure I would want to try it with just a handgun, though.

Since my last post here, I also did Handgun-only of Chris' and Jake's campaigns in RE6. There were a couple spots where I'm not even sure if surviving with only a handgun was possible, like the helicopters in Chris 3. Even if the handgun was slowly scratching the chopper, with the little ammo the game gave me, I don't think I would have had enough to finish both fights. Oh well. Maybe if I had Handgun Master.
And this time!
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