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User Info: spaceboy21

5 years ago#11
cool - I think you'll wind up liking it. If the game interested you before, I can't imagine you won't enjoy it, especially at the price it will cost you now!

@ undeadeath - I'm glad you picked up the soundtrack, I hope you're enjoying it.

User Info: Kingdom Dragon

Kingdom Dragon
5 years ago#12
To be fair, I don't really agree with you.

This was the ONE game I wanted a PS3 for. When I first looked at videos of it, I was amazed and really wanted to play.

Well, it was the first game I bought for the console... and (in my opinion) it's a terrible game. The story is lame, the scenarios are good although albeit confusing at times because everything is the same colour, the music is decent.

But the controls. THE CONTROLS ARE HORRID. Even with the analog patch, I've had to reset and reset some of the missions because it was so freaking difficult to control the dragon and to get it to do the right thing. :/
"Get your facts straight, and then you can distort them as much as you like."

User Info: Farhan_Malik

5 years ago#13
this game is glitchy
Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains. -Jean Jacques Rousseau
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