trouble getting myriad branch

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User Info: ruby_sauce

9 years ago#1
Some enemies dropped it in Juraika, but they don't seem to do it anymore. wich ones am I looking for? or is there a better place? I am at chapter 7...

I already bought up the guy in pocchacio's lab...
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User Info: inoble

9 years ago#2
From the Walkthrough posted here

| Myriad Branch |
Chest locations; Salgin x1 (Earth Key), Path to Burkaqua, Path to the Altar,
Myna x1, Rockbelter Mine x1, Gladius Towers (right) x1,
Labyrinth x1, Ti'atha Forest x1, Mother's Lair, Ghost Ship x1
Where it can be purchased; Kattaro (Juraika/Leo King's Ruins, final area),
Joshua (Zerard/Starship Factory, Pocacchio's Lab)
Enemies; Horrorwood, Stump, Stinger, Cactugus, Shadow Wood, Nelvoron, Undead
Bandit, Go Oak, Stinger Assassin, Club Titan, White Ghost, Death Gold,
Wise Stump, Killer Stinger, Clumpy Jr., Soul Epitaph, Skullwood, Mad
Effects in combat; N/A
Effects on the field; Use one at the "Thinking Circle" to the east of the
Creekside transporter. Take the path south by jumping up
and follow it until you reach a small waterfall
Max amount that can be carried; 99
Revelation; Yes (21) |Insectron; No |Factory; Yes (18)
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