Insector maxing? (spoilers)

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User Info: Devhatesyou

7 years ago#1
I haven't really put much any effort into Insectors and Insectron but eventually will to try to get those outfits and MIO completion award. I'm near the end of the game and have like 1.5 million Zehn and not much to do with it, so figured this is about the time to get into the whole insectron thing now that I don't need to buy anything but dummy weapons to upgrade my seven star swords and get everyone their 314 Atk weapons, and do like 5 more frog log fusions for MIO's completion award.

Anyway there seems to be a general lack of info about Insectors and raising them. From what I can gather...

- Insectors gain Exp and level up when you give them Battle Feed or use them in the Insectron Tournament, but only if they aren't fully matured. They level from 1-6. 6 being "ACE". Level is supposedly -very- important, and being below the level of your opponent greatly reduces the chance to hit, damage done, and damage taken. So you're best off leveling your insectors to the top level before you even go after the top rank, yes?

How fast is this process? How long does it take to get an Insector to ACE level?

- Feeding them stat items raises their stats but once they reach fully mature they will no longer be able to level or gain stats from battle or items. The cap (when they reach fully mature) seems to be based on some point value of the foods you feed them. Stats gained from battle don't count towards this cap? and battle feed doesn't either?

So is the best way to get good Insector stats for winning the tournaments to basically just spam breeding up to the top rank then feed them until they're almost at the feed cap then battle them over and over until they get ACE level and high stats? And is there any kind of list available with the feed caps and values of food towards this cap? I mean I guess I could just save before feeding when I think they're getting close to capped, that's no big deal.

- The best insectors types; What are they? Ladybug type seems popular due to healing. I heard Faerie type can "Charm" enemies and this basically means you gain a character while the enemy loses one. Sounds real useful. As does the one that throws an enemy at the edges out of the arena, insta-killing them.

Obviously the Dark Emperor is the best all-around attacker but you have to complete the Ghost Ship Extreme to even be able to get one. I'll get to that eventually I'm sure, but I don't want to do it more than is needed to get all of the costumes (twice, yeah?) so I'll need to fill my team out with good other types as well. 100 floor dungeon sounds brutal (in length) and all. I still remember doing the 100 floor dungeon in Final Fantasy X-2 around that game's release. It wasn't so bad until the bosses of the place started becoming random enemies, but then again I hear you can't leave this dungeon partway through whereas you could every 20 floors in that game and then start again at that checkpoint.
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User Info: crazyisgood

7 years ago#2
yes that is what you want to do
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User Info: Hotel_Security

7 years ago#3
^Worst. Response. Ever.

By the way, did you say the Battle Feed will give them EXP and level them up? If so, couldn't you just use that and not worry about fighting with them?

Also, have you figured WHEN they mature into adults? I'd like to try breeding some to get the higher-class versions of the ones I have but I keep feeding them simple stuff like fruit and they never seem to mature. I haven't gotten too deep into it since I don't have much cash and the cash I have goes to buying weapons to fill in the Frog Log.

User Info: Devhatesyou

7 years ago#4
Battle Feed doesn't level them up far as I know, it simply gives them random stats as if they were to have won a battle. So, you have to level them up via battle since level is a vital "stat" -- I am also unsure of whether battle feed counts towards them becoming fully mature, because if it does you might as well just stomp battles instead since they most certainly don't count towards it.

Leveling isn't the hard part though -- you can spam the current rank of tournament and then forfeit on the 5th fight and get full exp instead of half like you do in ranks you've won by just playing again. There's only 6 exp levels to gain but I've not yet figured out how long it takes to get to ACE. Probably not TOO long... but right now I'm focused on feeding and upgrading my ladybug and mantis that I've chosen since the 2 Dark Emperors I've got from running Ghost Ship Extreme twice seem to be sufficient enough to toss out of the arena. Also got a rank 8 Hercules beetle (you can catch rank 6s in Johannas house, and it's easy to upgrade from there).

You definitely need to have your target bugs before you begin seriously trying to level up, though, since when you breed a new bug they always start at level 1 with no exp. Which sucks. But oh well.

I've figured out that feeding exactly 6 Sanchez fruits will turn a Larva into an Adult, but no idea from Adult to Fully Mature -- it's probably a whole lot. By midgame you'll be able to make enough money to buy 99 stacks of Sanchez fruits or bananas or whatever cheap feed you need without a problem, granted you've also been doing challenges and got your Gold or Platinum license for the 20/30% discounts on all purchases, and I don't see why you wouldn't since you can easily earn those hunter coins by cheesing the "complete in X seconds" or "complete in X seconds with X character" "complete without damage" challenges with the area spells.
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User Info: Devhatesyou

7 years ago#5
Yeah, I didn't need to max them out to complete this. I'm sure the Dark Emperors were a huge help, though. I decided to try S rank normal just for the hell of it and it was pretty easy.

I had 100 Atk/Def on them plus 700ish HP and they were at level 5.
And a 100Atk/Def rank 8 Hercules beetle (Zeus Beetle) with 999 HP, level 5 as well. Made it my King unit.
Then 100 Atk/80-90s def 500-600hp Mantis and Lady bug (rank 8s) at level 4.

Then I tried S rank second time with this team. Was similarly easy.

Was able to complete S rank second time with this team. Pocacchio actually set himself up by making his last remaining bug hide behind the IR MAX, so I flipped the IR MAX over it with my dark emperor's attack, ending the battle instantly.

Maybe might have been harder if I had to head on attack him, but my whole team was still up and my ladybug still had 1 heal charge left with everyone at full HP, so probably not.

The costumes are some of the nicest in the game, but effort. Insectron take almost as much of it as the hunting record does.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

7 years ago#6
^Also, what's the best team to focus on? And I'd prefer to not count the Dark Emporers since I want to finish the tourney before I beat the game.

Right now, I've just made the new cages and traps so I'm just collecting enough random insects to fill in the cages. I've got mantises, a few lady bugs, one of those dung beetles, and a few pincher things. I don't know who I should level up yet since I don't know who is worth it.

User Info: Devhatesyou

7 years ago#7
Probably get a Hercules beetle for the King slot, then one or two lady bugs, a mantis and then something something with an ability to knock enemies out off the board like a Staggy or an Itsahorse (I think their kick ability can knock out, not sure).

You would definitely need to get them to level ACE, max rank, 800+ HP, max 100 Atk/Def stats and high resistances to win S rank second time though, since the enemy teams all have similar insectors PLUS fights 2-4 have an ACE level Dark Emperor themselves while the 5th has the IR MAX White Miracle insector robot.

Dark Emperor is just the best knockout unit because you can do it from any angle due to it being a property of their regular attack (diagonals work,) so I used two of those as my way to eject enemies from the board.
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User Info: Andvareel

7 years ago#8
"You would definitely need to get them to level ACE, max rank, 800+ HP, max 100 Atk/Def stats and high resistances to win S rank second time though, since the enemy teams all have similar insectors PLUS fights 2-4 have an ACE level Dark Emperor themselves while the 5th has the IR MAX White Miracle insector robot. "

500 or so should be enough. Somewhere around there is a breakpoint that gets you an extra hit. You definitely want to be able to not die until at least the 3rd hit, but it might give you a 4th hit.

That's all you need if you have 2 lady bugs... and if you have 4-5 lady bugs then I'm pretty sure you'd have trouble losing. Why are ladybugs so good? It's because even though they can't heal themselves, they have an AoE skill that doesn't miss. It also gets a noticeable boost with bug level. Skills aren't countered, but one lady bug can heal up the effects of several gun or sword bugs that hit about as often as not to begin with. And since you get counters to normal attacks, most bugs are just stuck getting countered to death.

User Info: Hotel_Security

7 years ago#9
So what's the tip for breeding? you even need to level up the insects before you breed them? I know they have to get them to Adult status and that the higher Level insects get precedence on which insect-type you will get when you breed. But if it's a male and a female and both are Level-1, I believe I read that the male gets precedence and you'll the next level of whatever he was even though both are the same level. In theory, as long as you're trying to recreate the upgraded version of the male insect, then you don't need to level them at all, right? If it was a female you're trying to create, I'd need her to be Level 2 and breed her with a Level 1 male in order to upgrade her insect type, right?

User Info: InuYashaaa

7 years ago#10
The resulting insector is based on rank, not level.

This stuff is a lot more complicated than it looks at first glance.

I just beat both S tournaments.
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