How to make the Sword Of holy Lightning

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User Info: plastikloser

6 years ago#1
I noticed no one showed or explained the actual factory layout for this frustrating sword. Well this kind guy made a youtube video showing exactly what you need for a working layout. (Tested, works)

"Sword of the holy lightening"
9 x Iron Board
5 x Thunder Stone
1 x Stella Crystal
(factory layout video)

Now you can put down the graphing paper and calculator :)

User Info: kiante9

6 years ago#2
Graphing paper and calculator? Do people really have that much trouble laying out the factory? All you gotta do is count up all the parts "time" on each side of each assembler. Seems a lot easier than getting out a calculator to me.
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User Info: dinit 7

dinit 7
6 years ago#3
The factory is super easy if you work your way backwards.

Put the completion table down first
...then attach the assembler(s)
...then attach the other machines needed for processing each material
...add tubes to the paths with materials that take the shortest time to process
...plug everything in

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User Info: Andvareel

6 years ago#4
The factory is super easy once you get the hang of it (shouldn't take long... probably the trickiest thing is that the important first recipe to do is at the bottom)... but 2 or 3 recipes are a little tight on space and may require shifting things around a lot... whereas you can be pretty sloppy setting up the rest of the recipes since the overall system is easy and lenient.
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