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User Info: trusmoothness

9 years ago#1
Very new to the series and don't understand the command point system. Can someone tell me how do you raise the command points so i can have a bigger army. also I'm on the 6th mission and i still don't have use of the bottom row of my magic spells. when do i get to use them?

User Info: superbuu3

9 years ago#2
make whatever you need to get resources i.e. fortress farm etc
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User Info: jprosco

9 years ago#3
in skirmish farms give 50 command points and statues give 25

User Info: Wren28

9 years ago#4

In campaign mode, the best way to get that bottom row of powers is to not finish the mission too quickly. The more you fight the more power points you get....

As for command points within campaign, it depends. If playing as the Good side, the cap is 300 and the only way you can change that is to modify a file. Evil's cap is 600.

User Info: trusmoothness

9 years ago#5
wow 300 is the max on good, that's kind of low I'm a big fan of the C&C series so like to build a big army. even when i put my troops into a building that counts towards my command points so I'm kind of disappointed with that, still waiting for that bottom row to light up so i can have some better magic. but with all that said I still love this game.

Thanks for all the help brothers!!!

User Info: silentassasin47

9 years ago#6
actually, you're wrong. The 300 and 600 stats are for the first BFME
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User Info: Wren28

9 years ago#7

I am looking at the file for BFMEII:

Campaing Bonus Caps:
GoodCommandPointLimit = 300
EvilCommandPointLimit = 600

Command Points for solo play human (including Living World)
GoodCommandPoints = 100 150
Evil CommandPoints = 300 350

Command Points for Solo Play AI:
GoodCommandPointsAI = 600 650
EvilCommandPointsAI = 600 650

Command Points for Multiplay:
GoodCommandPointsMP2 = 100 1000
EvilCommandPointsMP2 = 100 1000

I'm not going to type out how many there are for three players or more, but 3-8 players start with 100 on both sides and then for three players subtract 125 from the 1000 for two players, the subtract 125 from that for four, 125 from that for five etc (eight end up with a max of 500 if that tells you anything).

User Info: Wren28

9 years ago#8
*Campaign...sorry, really wish the edit function was available.

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