DirectX 9.0???

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User Info: g_mann2992

9 years ago#1
where do i go to download it and where do i download it to??

User Info: g_mann2992

9 years ago#2
ok i can run the game to the main menu but after that it crashes i have a 64mb card and all is it the directX?

User Info: Wren28

9 years ago#3

DirectX 9.0c is included on the disc. Put the disc in and from the choices give I think it's other options, you should find DirectX under there. Hope that helps. If not, go to Microsoft's webpage, key in DirectX 9 and it should take you to the download page or you should be able to find it easily from there.

User Info: emzfrendcrisis

9 years ago#4
Look in the instruction manual for downloading the game.
There should be a part over downloading directx 9c from the disc. It should have a run code for downloading it.
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User Info: kyubitatsu

9 years ago#5
I never understood it.......What exactly is DirectX 9 for?

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