missed one Valhalla report.......bummed me out

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  3. missed one Valhalla report.......bummed me out

User Info: ytford

6 years ago#1

first off let me say that i love this game!! i just pumped in over 80 hours and really enjoyed it!

But one thing that really stinks is that i missed the first Valhalla report. i didnt realize that you needed all of them to play the eagle missions until it was too late.( i really wanted to play without a faq or strategy guide)

now i have to start all over, oh well.(i dont have an eraly save, big mistake)no big deal its just that i was really looking forward to playing the extra missions. and i might have to wait a long time to have off work again.

but besides that, this game really is underated. i havent enjoyed myself like this in awhile with a strategy game. good stuff!!!

User Info: Steavis00

6 years ago#2
I had completely forgotten they existed, pulled one off an enemy in level 19 or so and then thought "uh.......woops." I'm debating whether I have the energy to restart to get them..........those later missions with Jude are a mess.

Right now, I'm trying to take on some of the Ardennes multiplayer missions on my own; it works great with two sharpshooters and Coredelia up until they shoot the "Cover Ambush" sniper, then I'm boned.

User Info: forkettle

6 years ago#3
i know how you feel. i had gotten them all on one save and then couldn't beat mission 26 no matter how hard i tried. my characters were just not in a state to do so. i loaded an earlier save, got through mission 26, only to find out...that i had forgotten about that last report, and saved over any game where i could have gotten it (basically just because i was glad to be through with 26.
so, i played through a second time, which ended up being fine, because if i hadn't, i never would've gotten all of the achievements. :P
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  3. missed one Valhalla report.......bummed me out

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