Fastest Way to 1000g, fastest matches, fastest way to costumes etc...

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User Info: grin43

7 years ago#1
I also posted this at official xbox forum, but this is good information to share. Cut out how to unlock characters to fit into one post.

Some of this is common knowledge, some of this isn't. Trying to put the least known ideas at the top, even though its out of order (how to unlock things is listed after how to get the money to buy the things). So I'm trying to share all the best advice I've seen in one thread. Most of these are NOT my idea, I'm just trying to spread the word.

None of this stuff can be done in Exhibition or Xbox live mode. All unlocking has to be done outside of Exhibition or Xbox live mode to count.

Fastest way to 1000g / earn money, also fastest fights
READ: You do NOT need to buy any sort of 'Action' from the shop like poses or hula-hoops to get the Shop Complete achievement. That must be a spelling / editing error or something because a few people have have been getting the shop complete achievement w/o buying all poses/penalty items

Win TagTeam/2v1Handicap matches with max popularity on hard difficulty, using the Lambda1 Shooter trick to win matches in under a minute. Lamda Shooter trick is make a edit character with 'Shooter 1' technique and 'Strike' ability. Then go into a match and use the lambda then
a) Right+Y to initiate grapple
b) Down+Y for 4 hit combo
c) Left+Y on standing dizzy opponent for 8 hit combo
d) pin

More info @
Using this technique I've won single matches in 17 seconds, and tag team matches in 32 seconds (that's 32 seconds to tag in Lambda partner, use technique, tag back to original character). And those weren't just flukes, those were in the past 15 minutes as I'm typing this only during load screen's before matches.
NOTE: to win the big money in tag team matches you must pin opponent with the character that started the tag team match. Also some of the more heavier/muscular girls like Dixie or Aigle might need two or even three sessions of the technique before the go down, b/c more muscle or weight = more defense in my findings. Most opponents receive over 120% damage each strike, those are typically thegirls who fall after one session.

When you figure out that tag team wins give BOTH characters 3000 RR each one minute match, you won't ever stop doing tag matches. This means you earn twice as much money, cutting grinding in half pretty much. If the character you need to grind money for is not a Lambda edit character, just play as that character instead but have her tag team partner one of these Shooter 1 lambda's characters and play tag team games.

Fastest Way to unlock both Marine Gift Flower and Marine Gift Scallop for the 10 default characters
Using the SAME character win 117 queen's matches. More info @

Fastest Way to unlock all 20 swimsuits
Play as each of the 10 default characters and 10 alter-ego characters, go into customization and choose their personalized unique swimsuit that is the first right of their default costume and wear this swimsuit.
While wearing this swimsuit win matches in Red Canyon, Arena & Skyscraper & to allow others to buy their unique swimsuit.

Fastest way to unlock the edit & marine gift costumes for the 10 alter-ego characters
Play 80 matches with an alter-ego character to unlock all their edit costumes (does not help get swimsuit costumes)

Fastest Way to unlock the edit costumes for the 10 default characters
Start up the game 235 times. Saving, exiting and then loading the game counts as a start up.

Damn good guide @
Extra props to WhiteFolks for the guide and tips, and FeLizP for the excellent money making ideas.

User Info: mario_pot

7 years ago#2
you know this is probably the cheapest new game i ever purchased ( $20)...but it is also easily one of the longest lasting. i have spent over 30 hours and probably barely have half of the outfits with my CAW.....i know no one wanted to know that i just thought i'd share : ).
"vanity of vanities, all is vanity" GT:mariopot

User Info: Jocko

7 years ago#3
^^^ It's always good to know that people are still enjoying this game mario_pot. This game got way too much undeserved hate. It's one of my top 5 all time favorite Xbox 360 games. I just think it's really weird that most guys would rather play a Smackdown game filled with sweaty dudes rather than hot chicks.
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken

User Info: mario_pot

7 years ago#4
XD good point.....and this is leagues better than DOAx2 was........i have never regretted a videogame purchase so much in my life.
"vanity of vanities, all is vanity" GT:mariopot
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