Tales of the Abyss FAQ v5

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    The battle load times are horrible! What can I do?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    I (and many others) tend to skip battling on the world map because of that. Don't worry -- in dungeons and other non-world map areas, the battles load a lot faster. If you need to train, head to the nearest dungeon!

    How do I use overlimit?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    Be level 15 or know the "Overlimit" AD skill. Then, fill up the green bar in battle by attacking enemies. When it gets full, press R2 to activate overlimit.

    How do I activate a mystic arte/hi-ougi?-(submitted by Skarmory60 and squishy075)
    First, a character must be level 30 or know the "Special" AD skill. Then, the character must be in Overlimit. For Luke, Guy, Anise, or Natalia to use their Mystic Arte, simply use an arcane arte. That character should use their Mystic Arte. For Jade and Tear, use a high-level spell or a hymn. They'll use their Mystic Artes. (Note that there are other Mystic Artes that can be used, but those are 2nd playthrough only.

    Tear and Jade can't use their Mystic Artes!-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    It's a glitch. See section 2c on Hikari62's Glitches FAQ for more information. If you are having trouble activating their Mystic Artes, see Aileron’s Character FAQ for specific requirements.

    What is the maximum level?

    What are the best places to level up?
    The area near Nebilim's Crag
    The Abyss (second playthrough)
    Mushroom Road

    Where's the Albiore? I left it in [insert place here], but now I can't find it.
    You can always depart on the Albiore from port. It doesn't matter where on the world map you left it.

    What is this world map glitch I keep hearing about?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    The world map glitch is a special glitch in the game that allows you to go anywhere in the world map at any time -- even places you're not supposed to be yet! A lot of people use it to get powerful items early, visit the casino early, etc. Here's how you do it:

    1. Go onto the world map. Make sure nothing's loading when you do this!
    2. Open the disc tray and take the disc out.
    3. Close the disc tray.
    4. The game may freeze for a couple seconds... but you'll be able to walk around soon.
    5. You can now walk over virtually anything. You'll probably get caught in some mountains, etc. To fix this, simply put the disc back in, and you'll be leveled with the land once more.

    What are some good places to get grade or money? - (Submitted by Shadow47001 and DGM09)
    Grade - Set to highest difficulty you can, equip a Dice/Blue Dice (Blue Dice can be obtained from Nebilim) if you have them, then just go fight battles at Cheagle Woods. [valdo6500 adds: I actually thought the area around Nebilim's Crag was good for grade. I set the difficulty on hard and was got 8.5+ grade on the sand worm and the giant white monsters there on hard with blue dice. I got over 11 grade a few times fighting those monsters.]

    Money - One method of doing this: Be sure you can buy the Fork, Spoon, Knife items at Keterburg for a low price (43650 Gald each), and equip Jade's 'Emperor's Best Friend' title, and buy all you can. Then, equip Anise's 'Cat Cat Kitty Cat' title, and sell all (50124 Gald each) them off to Engeve for a profit.

    Are the casino items worth it? - (Submitted by Shadow47001)
    Simply put, no. By the time the good items are out, even better stuff is available. They are all necessary for completing the Collector's Book though.

    How can I easily make chips? - (Submitted by Shadow47001)
    The best method of going about this would be selecting double or nothing for poker all the time, even better once you can bet up to 300 chips. It'll take a long while, but eventually you'll get enough.