Tales of the Abyss FAQ v5

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    How do I obtain Mieu Fire 2?-(submitted by DGM09)
    After clearing Zaleho Volcano, go back to Keterburg. Go to the left side of the hotel and you will find Shiba and Peko there (Note: You have to complete another sidequest which involves saving Shiba to be able to find them there. Refer to the Extras guide by Aileron for more information on that sidequest. After the scene, you should have returned to Zaleho Volcano. Return to the area where Fyr Bronc was spitting fireballs at you. You should be able to walk on the solid magma to get to another area. There, Mieu will learn Mieu Fire 2.

    How do I get into Ortion Cavern? I can't get past the whirlpool!-(submitted by DGM09)
    Wrong entrance. You get inside Ortion Cavern through another one, farther to the west.

    How can I see how much Grade I have?-(submitted by DGM09)
    Go to the Keterburg casino and ask to trade Grade for Chips. The amount of Grade you have will be displayed.

    NOTE: The following post will contain SPOILERS up to the very end of the game. You've been warned!

    What does the Jewel of Lorelei do?-(submitted by Isenet)
    It heals somewhere around 10% of total HP and TP at regular intervals.

    How do I keep the [JoL/item that makes Luke uber]?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    You can’t. It's mandatory that the JoL becomes part of the KoL. If you want to use the JoL for the coliseum, do it BEFORE the scene when you get the KoL.

    Can I keep Asch in my party?-(Submitted by Majutsuko)
    When he joins in Yulia City, no. But when he joins at Mushroom Road, yes, if you use the Map Trick/Glitch, but then you can't keep Luke in the same party with him (unless you use codes).

    There’s a FAQ called the Asch Guide here that tells you how to do it.

    There's also a smaller, yet more colorful version of it which also has AR MAX codes (at the bottom; Majutsuko's 2nd post):

    Asch is my favorite/one of my favorite character(s). Can I use him in the fight against Nebilim?submitted by FullMetalMania
    Not without a cheating device. As you need Luke in your party to get the last scene with the Unicorn Horn, and getting the Unicorn Horn is well past the point where you can get Asch without character mod codes, you can't.

    The game's not giving me the Tactical Leader title/costume! What gives?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
    You need to have defeated Nebilim in Very Hard or Unknown mode, meaning you can only get the title in your second playthrough. This wasn't the case in the original Japanese version.

    Who is that guy at the end?
    It's whoever you think it is. Namco didn't give us an official answer. Some people think these things:
    -It's Luke.
    -It's Asch.
    -It's both in one body.
    -That both Luke and Asch lived on.

    There are more possibilities.

    How long was Mr. Ending gone for?
    One year. It may be strange to think of, but the game itself took place over a couple of years, and the ending scene took place a year after that.