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User Info: jasonthe123

9 years ago#81
Alright the whole 3-4 Player thing isn't working for me.

I have 3 of my characters on Manual. I have my First controller in Slot 1 then the Multi-Tap in Slot 2, containing Controller 2-3. But only Controllers 1-2 are working. I've switched them around and it doesn't matter which controller i have in the Multi-Tap's B Slot. It wont work. And i've tried C and D Slots also. Help?
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User Info: felixrush

9 years ago#82
Did you read the manual?
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User Info: Anakerie

9 years ago#83
Just adding this because I've seen it a lot on other boards (hope this is okay).

Q: Can I get into the restricted areas of the cities? (IE blocked residential area of Yulia City)?

A: No, sorry. These places are there just to make the towns look bigger. Which is kind of nice: I always had to scratch my head in other games when a town was wiped out and people talked about "thousands of deaths", when there were only six houses!
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User Info: FullMetalMania

9 years ago#84
My second playthrough is bugging out. I can't access bonus stuff, like the Abyss and the skit viewer. What up?

You're System Data is corrupted. Many things cause this, including taking out the memory card while the PS2 is turned on. Unfortunately, there's no way to reverse this particular bug. The only thing to do is take precautionary measures.

Reach the final save point in Eldrant. Save there, and set a file to the side. Never delete it. Never save over it with anything besides a save at that save point. Beat Van and put the cleared file right next to the aforementioned file.

Any time your System Data bugs, go to the save before Van and beat him. When prompted after the credits, save over the cleared file.
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User Info: Cynyn

9 years ago#85
Ok I'm playing this on the PS3 if that means anything. I'm on my second playthough here and I've had Jade use thunder blade over 200x. I'm trying to use indignation. I hold R2 down but nothing happens. I've tried holding it as I'm going into OL and then tried it afterwards. I've done this like 6 times now and nothing. This is starting to piss me off >_<
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User Info: jaykho213

9 years ago#86
Question - How can i enter Ortion Cavern East?

User Info: mysticcage

9 years ago#87
Enter Overlimit and continue holding R2 for about 5 seconds. It should work
If not, enter overlimit, wait a second or two then start holding R2 for 5 seconds.
If that doesnt work, then i dont know, maybe issues with your ps3?
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User Info: kufismacker

9 years ago#88

User Info: mysticcage

9 years ago#89
first, caps are annoying O.O
consult a guide for the first one.
For the second, if you got the S-flag in cheagle forest, just go to it in thet item menu (you only have to do this once), then just simply press X on the character you want to show up
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User Info: JIM12306

9 years ago#90
Not sure if this has been mentioned yet. But in case it hasn't i would like to add another good place to level up.

In My. Zaleho 2 in the room with quite a bit of lava rising and a 4-way split in the center (one of which will lead you to a music disc) randomly you will see a Fire Head/Skull looking enemy try to come into contact with it.

Now if you can beat it before it escapes you will be rewarded with 28,000 exp!

note that i have 10x exp so if you don't have 10x exp just subtract that by 10x or whatever (i suck at math as once i graduated high school i didn't bother to stay smart after that..).

And with 10x exp only one other non-boss enemy can give you even close to that amount and that is the Ligust enemies outside Nebilim's Crag and they only give you 22,000 something exp.

So yeah if you can get the Flame Spirit in Mt. Zaleho 2 to appear often enough for you this could be a very good if not the best place to level (depending solely on how often you can get the Flame Spirit to appear) especially if you have dark/demon seals.

Also i should note that a Flame Spirit also appears in the first area of Mt. Zaleho near a save point by the door that was locked with Daathic Seal earlier in the game.

However do not bother wasting your time with that one as he does not offer nearly as much exp as the one in the second area of this place does.
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