Fav party members?

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User Info: HotCell

9 years ago#1
Who are your favs and why?

User Info: Sandyoso

9 years ago#2

Must you even ask why...?
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User Info: Terra_Ex

9 years ago#3
luke, because he's luke. Tear, as I always have the main character's girl on the team, and jade for obvious reasons. *sigh* if only dist could join the team ...
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User Info: HotCell

9 years ago#4
Why Jade? I'm really confused.

User Info: fsu_rules

9 years ago#5
natalia is so cooler she owns in my party her atack is like crazy

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User Info: DrPirate

9 years ago#6
Luke Tear Jade and Guy. I never change this team sans story purposes.
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User Info: Piston Hurricane

Piston Hurricane
9 years ago#7
Luke Natalia Jade and Tear

User Info: lDPl

9 years ago#8
Guy, Asch and Jade. I dislike/hate everyone else.
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User Info: SirPyan

9 years ago#9
Jade, probably. In most games, someone with his personality and mind would probably ended up as your enemy. In this game, the opposite happened. XD
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User Info: sham_lix

9 years ago#10
Luke Tear Jade Guy too
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