The topic is Anise Tatlin.

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User Info: CatMuto

5 years ago#31
Gerard, it's very likely that she was scared - being a kid and all, despite her play at maturity, she was way in over her head. Granted, if she had taken some time, maybe, and told them why she did that (being a mole, getting them into the ambushes, etc) then perhaps the group would've understood.

I mean, they all jerk at Luke - the situation is kind of similar. Luke is basically a kid himself, he got manipulated from the start and then betrayed by the one person he really trusted. But because he didn't take responsibility for what his "indirect" actions had done, they were mean to him - once he did take responsibility, they became nicer.
So, perhaps they would've understood and tried to help her out of that situation. Ion might remain alive, Tear would've remained weak because of the illness .... hey, for me, that's a win-win situation!

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User Info: Neemoh

5 years ago#32
When I talk about Anise in the other boards they just bash her. I still think she's awesome.
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  3. The topic is Anise Tatlin.

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