I get lost in this game all the time

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User Info: GrapeKiwi

4 years ago#11
TheMKDestroyer posted...
You're kidding? They tell you exactly where you need to go in the game. Not only that there is the synopsis that also tells you where you need to go. TC I keep seeing you ***** about this game when clearly it just looks like you suck at it.

I havent b**** about this game <_< I like everything besides Luke - but sh** just hit the fan and now I sorta feel bad for him (all the replica stuff going on) Controlling asch atm, kinda stunned. Lol, this game is epic. I can't believe more people haven't tried this.
and im usually really high when I play, so I dont really remember some of the conversation moments, and the synopsis sometimes isn't very accurate. But the gameplay is fun so I enjoy getting lost honestly. :)
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User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#12
Me and the over world in this one don't get along >_>
"We just met and you're asking me to strip!? Are you in league with Kanji!?"-Teddie

User Info: Divinewargod

4 years ago#13
When I played this game I had done around 4 playthroughs. I made the mistake of carrying over my sypnosis, and was lost when I didn't play for a while and couldn't remember which part I was at. The cursor doesn't highlight what you're up to by default.

F***. Why did I carry it over each time?
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User Info: fateoffate

4 years ago#14
"What is Mieu thinking? Writting in my diary..." -Luke's Diary
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