Been playing the game since a couple of days now(spoilers)

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User Info: completeboy

4 years ago#1
i like the old tales of phantasia gameplay, there is a lot of button mashing here, can i ever one hit kill an enemy?

i do like the game a lot, i just got ffx-2, shadow of hearts, fatal frame, svr2006, and a few others, soon i will have suikoden 4, but i am gonna concentrate playing this game for the next few days of my holiday.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.

User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#2
The Tales series doesn't really do one-hit-kills (unless you are ridiculously overlevelled). The battle system is geared around sustaining combos as long as you can (e.g. have a caster's spell hit the enemy after your attacks so you can start attacking again yourself before the enemy recovers).

While repeating preferred combos might be described as "button mashing" if you don't know when to stop and evade or defend you will die pretty quickly against tougher enemies (especially on difficulties above normal). I think it would be a little unfair to describe this as a button masher.

Don't forget it's up to you whether to fight enemies. If you are bored of the random encounters you can avoid them for them most part (though bosses will be a bit harder since you'll be underlevelled).
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User Info: completeboy

4 years ago#3
thanks for the info delta, i remember the snes phantasia not being a button masher when compared to modern tales games.

now i would like to have the below ?s answered please

<1> how do i use fon/arte attacks, i am using the basic skills which are artes, and i assume forte arte or fon arte is magic which is used by magical spell casters like jade, tear, but i also learned about elemental circles and i do see atleast one circle during every battle but t appears for a limited time am i supposed to use my arte with standing inside it? the tutorial made me learn lighting bolt skill which i have not been able to use again so far.

<2> how to use overlevel i am around level 17 and in abandoned factory, i used overlevel skill once by r2 is it to be used when the green bar is full?

<3> and i do not mind power leveling as its my favorite thing to do in rpgs, so where do i level up right now?

thanks in advance.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.

User Info: completeboy

4 years ago#4
might as well state that i have played tales of destiny and reached near end but never able to finish that game due to annoying puzzles and graphics, and tales of destiny 2 (games of ps1) i reached till disc 2 but also was not able to finish that game. i played a bit of tales game (forgot the name) on the ds and this game is very similar to that one.

on a /note i just got suikoden 4, which i cannot wait to play but this game won't let me quit and i like this game a lot and its been months since i got my hands on a traditional rpg gem like this, i also am impressed with ffx-2 but won't play it before i finish this and than suikoden 4, also i got shadow of hearts but gameplay is different than koudelka, and soon i will have grandia extreme and grandia 3, i am enjoying playing these rpgs.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.

User Info: demonguardian

4 years ago#5
1) That's known as FoF changes. Certain Artes may change properties when used in the correspondent field of fonons (FoF). Like, Fang Blade turns into Lightning Tiger Blade when you use it inside a green (wind/lightning) or white FoF. However, in most cases, you can only change that Arte when the field is complete/full. For that, use other Artes that create those elemental fields, mostly spells. Mid level spells grants half a circle (those incomplete forms are white and doesn't stand out much). High level spells grants a full FoF, which are flashing/overflowing in the correspondent element.

When you have a full circle, you get inside it and use the proper Arte with the matching element. On a side note, spell caster can do FoFs in the same way (walking inside the circle and casting a spell) OR they can cast a spell while the enemy is inside the circle. You can "aim" your magic with the right analog while they're casting.

Each element have a certain colour:
Fire is red, Water is blue, Green is wind/lightning and Brown/Yellow is earth.
White (the complete one, don't misunderstand it with an incomplete FoF) correspond to wind/lightning AND fire, while Dark (purple) correspond to both earth AND water elements.

Late in the game you can FoF change even on incomplete circles through a certain FSC, which are explained not too far from where you are, though these ones in particular (yellow coloured) are very rare.
You also gain access to certain elemental Artes (not spells) that creates FoF, but you have to use them 4 times to activate a full FoF.

2) I think you mean Overlimit. And yes, you activate them by pressing R2 when the bar is full. You can fill that bar while attacking, receiving damage or, through a certain AD Skill, by taunting an enemy (press R2 when the bar isn't full). You can also fill a chip of it by cooking, but each char has a certain preference for each food so it's kinda pointless. Not to mention, they might also dislike the food and actually reduce your OL bar.

Later in the game you can perform Mystic Artes while you're in OL, through an AD Skill called "Special". Every char learns it by level 30, though Luke can only use his MA after a certain point in the story.

3) Wherever you are, really. Try to grind inside dungeons, though, since battles in the map have some lag to initiate...

There are a lot of other stuff to mention, but you either don't need to know right now or you'll figure it out by yourself (if not, feel free to ask about it).

User Info: completeboy

4 years ago#6
thank you for the info demon, please explain fof in more details, are they created by spells of the caster? and is there a timing issue in using arte in the circle? and if i ignore this skill feature is it ok?

currently i am supposed to go to zao ruins but also need to fight the sworddancer no,1, levels are around 22 and yes you are right world map battles lags as it take a few more seconds for in and out process.

really enjoying the game...
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.

User Info: demonguardian

4 years ago#7
FoF are created whenever you or an enemy uses an elemental Arte or Spell (obviously that are not FoFs, as they consume the fonons). There are a few exceptions here and there, though they aren't worth mentioning.

The system of using FoF changes isn't perfect. Usually, they work fine, just go inside a (full) circle and use the matching arte; it doesn't matter if you do it in the start or the middle of a combo, it should activate right away. However, if the battle gets too much chaotic (just a couple of boss battles, in my experience), the game might not register it, so the arte might not change when you want.
For example, while you're using and FoF change, you get some temporary invincibility (you still receive damage and all, but your HP won't go bellow 1). In those battles, I usually set those FoF changes so that I'm both safe and it give some time for my healer do they work. Some times it doesn't activate and I die, just like it should... =p

And you can completely ignore the whole FoF thing, they are not necessary to complete the game in any way. They are just there to make battles more entertaining or it's an excuse of the creators for not creating more Artes (the games does have few artes in comparison to other Tales of series)

Beware that, just like a lot of other sidequests in this game, Sword dancer is missable. As soon as you get to Kaitzur port again, be sure to revisit Choral Castle to face him. Strategy: run around in circles and let the spellcasters do they work. Or, if your good enough, combo him to death. If he goes into OL, run around a little until it wears off, rinse and repeat.

Glad to know you're liking the game =)

User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#8
Here a video about fof change

User Info: completeboy

4 years ago#9
reached zao ruins, just woke up its 7 am and i am gonna use every second i can t keep on playing, thanks for the infos,

so fofs are for using the more powerful artes only, i guess i will use it and learn the normal way.

is there any way to attack more than 3 swings? i mean about the normal attack combo. i tried the up and down attack but its still 3 swings/slash in total.

i really like archers in almost every game, and i like natalia here as well, i used her in a couple of goods, when at max levels is she better than jade? i am ignoring jade as i hate magic using and users in rpg other than for healing stuff i do not like using magic.

also i forgot to mention i got tales of legendia where i have a save at the very first save point, reviews are negative about that game is that a game or what? i know the battle system is slightly different in that game compared to this one.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.

User Info: demonguardian

4 years ago#10
You can get more attacks/swings through certain AD Skills, I forgot the name. To get them, you'll need bonus in phys attack and something else (bonuses from C. Cores). Sorry for being so vague, it's been a while. Also, the maximum you can get is 7 "swings" (4 more attacks), but the later ones require a huge amount of Phys Atk (200 for the last one, which is at least 50 lvls with the proper C. Cores). For more information, look for an AD Skill FAQ. If you're going to use EChang's FAQ, beware that he translated it himself from the japanese version, so some stuff might be a little off. The data itself, as far as I've seem, is correct.

Sorry to say that, but Natalia isn't that good as an archer... her attacks are kinda slow, mediocre damage output and you have to be somewhat precise with your shooting, especially against small enemies (the little birds are the worst). Most of these seem somewhat obvious, but if you compare her with other archers from the franchise...
She stands out more in the healing department. Later in the game she gains "Revive", and it's FoF change (earth) is possibly the best support/healing spell in the game.
And you can't really compare an archer/healer with an mage. Each have it's importance in battle.

And Legendia doesn't have a great battle system. If you think this game was button mashing, wait until you play this game. Other than that, it's a pretty good game, very funny and charming. I recommend it.

From a couple of months ago:
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