How far am I in this game? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

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User Info: Branman6000

4 years ago#1
I just reconfigured the Sephiroth in Mt. Roneal (And faced those three God-Generals in combat), and I'm somewhat concerned if I'm close to beating the game. It's always depressing for me that I'm about to reach the end of a JRPG that I'm starting to really love. Please don't post any spoilers, I'd like a simple percentage of how far you think I'm with in the game. If I'm moving past through the game too fast, then I'm going to search for side-quests, unlock more artes, look for ultimate weapons, and try to savor the game as much as possible. I'm about 40 hours into the game. Thanks in advance for answering!

User Info: scyther250

4 years ago#2
About halfway, I'd say. Tales game never quite end the first time you think they will.
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  3. How far am I in this game? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

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