Real Robot vs Super Robot

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User Info: Dragonruler9999

5 years ago#1
Can anyone give me a detailed version of their differences and some examples?
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User Info: Mechafanboy

5 years ago#2
It's pretty arbitrary.

Real robots use "real" technology and physics that results in a more realistic setting (storyline wise). Popular examples of these are the earlier Gundam shows, Layzner and macross/robotech (uh. The robots, not so much the singing/songs.).

Gameplay wise, they generally have high mobility,lower armor/health and limited ammunition for their stronger attacks. EN is useful, but rarely required for their basic attacks.

Super robots use supernatural power sources and generally have one or two protagonist mecha at the most. Popular examples are any of Go Nagai's work(Getta Robo,Mazinger Z), Combattler V,Voltes V, Zeorymer,etc.

Gameplay wise, they have low mobility, high armor/health and require EN for practically every attack.

The reason I call it arbitrary is because the units used in the newer SRWs don't really follow this logic anymore, for instance, Tekkaman Blade has extreme mobility but uses EN for it's strongest attacks, all of the G Gundam units are very middle of the line featuring moderate Mobility/Armor/Health, Brain Powered's energy source is closer to Super Robots but it acts very much like a Real.

Some have coined these inbetween cases Hybrids but I don't see the purpose of strictly classifying any of the mechs strictly by real/super standard anymore.(Particularly when Supers like Mazinkaiser have pretty good mobility and CAN dodge even without BP spent on Dodging.) -> Visual novel goodness
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User Info: Dragonruler9999

5 years ago#3
How about the Justice Gundam?
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User Info: CreepGnome

5 years ago#4
Justice is a Real robot. I'm fairly certain that everything from SEED that's not a battleship would be considered a real robot.

User Info: Mechafanboy

5 years ago#5
Actually, nevermind. Post wasn't relevant to the question. -> Visual novel goodness
Maaya Sakamoto and Younha are amazing~ <3 <3

User Info: KazumiAmano

5 years ago#6
Real Robots:

- Typically M or S size.
- Based somewhat on science, not on magic or guts.
- Generally use more long-ranged weaponry, often with many non-post-movement attacks.
- Uses ammunition for attacks more because of this, including lots of final attacks.
- Typically less damaging than Super Robots, though Soul, the 2.5X damage spirit, often rectifies this come end-game.
- Can dodge and hit exceptionally well, but can't take hits well, usually dying after 1-2 attacks from a boss.
- Spirits for RR pilots usually include +30% dodge/hit, 100% dodge rate for one attack, and occasionally the 2.5X damage spirit.
- Often the pilots have pilot skills encouraging dodging like the skill New Type.
- Most "grunt" type allies on your teams are these, as usually there are only a few or even just one Super Robot to a show, and as we all know, protagonists get special treatment.

Super Robots:

- Typically L or larger sized, though M size aren't extremely uncommon.
- Based on anything and everything, ranging from religion to organic beings to magic to being powered by will or love.
- In general, attacks are usually melee and closer range, but I'd say it's more common for Super Robots to use long ranged attacks than it is for Real Robots to use melee effectively.
- EN based primarily.
- Barriers of sorts are more common.
- Usually can't dodge, but can hit well enough. Usually can take 3-4 boss attacks before biting it.
- Spirits for SR pilots usually include at least a few of: 100% hit rate, 1/4 damage, 2X damage, and next hit = 10 damage.

These are all in general, not always.
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User Info: LordoftheCastle

5 years ago#7
Reals: Glass cannons.

Supers: Tanks.

They only exist as gameplay terms. Meaningless fluff from the shows they originate from has no bearing on their status.
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User Info: fizzmaister

5 years ago#8
LordoftheCastle posted...
Reals: Glass cannons.

Supers: Tanks.

In most games glass cannons do more damage than tanks, so no, that's wrong.

Reals are hard to hit, but don't take all that many hits to take down. Supers are easy to hit, but can absorb lots of abuse before doing down.

Supers hit harder than reals (usually), but suffer from worse accuracy.

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#9
Reals are Fragile Speedster more than Glass Cannon though
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