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User Info: MiIkMan

5 years ago#1
Steam has me clocked at 12 hours. I died a lot though. In fact, I can't even believe how much I died. It would seem in some areas I could one hit kill enemies, then some would come and one hit kill me. It seemed fairly unbalanced.

Surprisingly, the final boss was incredibly easy and I just spammed him with a strong dagger attack. His reaction to the attack was timed perfectly for me to charge up the attack.

Story was lame as was writing, voice acting and everything else but that's not important.

I don't think I really enjoyed the game. I kept playing it because I felt obligated to finish it and I had hopes that at some point it would get better, but it sorta did and sorta didn't. It's not a good games but it's not horrible either. I might even call it a bad game but for some reason, there's something charming about it. I think for me, and I'm thinking back to before this game was released several years ago, the hand animations seemed really cool to me. Now that I've played the game, some of them are cool but some of them are really silly looking.

I mainly used daggers throughout the whole game. I didn't use magic very much at all aside from heal. The times I used magic I just found them to not be as effective as my dagger attacks. I found the bow really disappointing. It's incredibly slow. Sometimes if you were "stealthy" you could get a on shot kill, but most of the time it just resulted in alerting the enemies and having them run at you at which point I had to pull out a more effective weapon. The different weapons were neat. Obviously getting more powerful weapons keeps the game "fresh".

As for the "stealth" bit, there really wasn't any. There was a stealth kill with my daggers I used a couple times and I think the reticule acts as a detection meter but really, the stealth was ineffective. Most of the time I tried to use it enemies saw me right away and so it was useless. Or, sometimes I would be right in front of their faces but they wouldn't see me. It was pretty random.

Obviously the best part of the game was the kicking enemies over the edges and into deadly objects. The disappointing aspect of that was that there's a stamina meter attached to it and oddly enough, kicking drains your stamina fairly quickly although none of the other combat is attached to the stamina, only running and kicking. I also found it difficult to position myself at times in a manner so I could set up my enemy to be kicked into spikes or fire or what have you. Nonetheless it was the most fun aspect of the combat and was an auto kill if you could kick them off an edge or into a fire, spikes, etc.

Telekinesis seemed like an out of place ability. I rarely used it. As far as I could tell it was just for throwing objects at enemies but what's the point? Maybe it's useful and I just didn't use it right.

It's an ok game. I could see how some people could get more out of this than others. Perhaps if you build up certain abilities it could be more beneficial. I couldn't really decide on specific abilities so i was sorta well rounded, I suppose. However, to most people I think they would just give up on this. The movement is clunky and frustrating. Countless times I fell off edges and what not unintentionally just because the movement was slow at times, too fast at others. Or I would get stuck on things, or fall to my death because of the unresponsive jumps.
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