Steam Mount and Blade and cheating

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User Info: ocswimmer

8 years ago#1

So I'm trying to find the file that I need to change so I am able to cheat in the game, but can't seem to find the installation file with my downloaded Steam version. Has anyone been able to find the rgl_config.txt file? If so, please help me figure out where it is. Thanks in advance

User Info: The_Great_h4x0r

8 years ago#2
I don't have mount & blade on steam but i do have other steam games. it should be under, C:/Steam/Steammaps/Common.
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User Info: Toomin222

8 years ago#3
Assuming Steam has the latest patch of M&B incorporated, you can now enable cheats by simply going to the "config" button on the opening splash screen.

User Info: Lordargos1111

8 years ago#4
It depends,what version do you have?
I have 1.003 and The only thing I need to do is tick the box in Enable cheating when I start the game!
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