Horse combat is quite difficult - tips?

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User Info: SupaTrupa

7 years ago#1

Is it a matter of putting enough skill points into Riding and/or Riding Combat/Archery (forgetting skills off-hand other than Riding and Riding Archery) in order to get any good at this?

Lance fighting is horribly awkward and requires ridiculous timing and some luck.

Do you just forget it and hope for the best until you can buy a high level horse and put 4-5 skill points or more, into the riding skills?

Or do I just suck? Just looking for advice from more experienced players. the realism of riding is very cool - but it doesn't make for fun combat so much, yet any ways.

User Info: Hambone2010

7 years ago#2
I started playing the game a couple days ago and sucked really bad at horse combat.It just takes some getting used to but you will get the hang of it.

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#3
It's a matter of practice. You get used to the timing and angles needed after a while.
You'll still get the odd wiff as your weapon passes over someone's head... but for the most part, once you get used to it, it's pretty straightforward.
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User Info: SupaTrupa

7 years ago#4
Hmm, ok thanks. While i've gotten better, playing a game of "chicken" isn't very fun (and often what it ends up being for now).

Guess I'll have to see how much upgrades to skills and horses helps. Right now it's just too painfully slow and clunky, and you just end up chasing enemies in circles until one of you stops....fighting on foot seems more entertaining still.

User Info: EvilBookworm

7 years ago#5
That will change. Horse combat takes some getting used to. I would suggest spending some time at the practice range, or just fighting looters till you can hit someone pretty consistently. Lances are powerful, but they do take some practice to hit with it. This game requires some skill, and you'll get it in time.

You mentioned archery-- that does kinda suck in the beginning, you want at least 4-5 points in horse archery, and even then you're never going to be that accurate if it's moving...
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User Info: MyKatHasRabies

7 years ago#6
It is very very hard.

Try playing M&M:Warband , horse combat is insane but people still manage to be really good
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User Info: justoxx2

7 years ago#7
with a 1h sword with 92 reach i have a decent time 1 shotting almost anyone, ive never used a lance a archery is still crap shoot sometimes.

but i am very consistent with the sword, just know the timing and set up the correct swing (stabbing is very difficult).

User Info: Ultimatedy2003

7 years ago#8
Difficult how? Equip your lance, don't press attack at all, just run into enemies. Couched Lance will kill anything if it connects, just aim your lance at the enemy and build up speed.

Sword or axe for mopping up anything else, that takes a bit of practice, just aim low and hold the swing until the right moment.

As for ranged weapons on a horse, I really suggest crossbows, standard bows aren't that good on a horse.

User Info: SirAwesomeXXVI

7 years ago#9
Echoing earlier sentiments, Horse Combat is quite difficult and will take some time to get used to. Experiment with different weapons and see what suits you the best; some weapons may have very similar reaches and speeds, but still very different when you use them.

Personally, I could never get archery to pay off unless I was fortifying on a hill, and I curse the gods when I get stuck with bows during tournaments. I use a lot of chopping swords like sabers and falchions (I cannot land a thrust attack to save my life), and break out the morning star for sieges.

User Info: Grendar2000

7 years ago#10
The main problem I had learning horse combat was aiming. For lances, your mouse only controls the pitch, not the angle. If your target is further to the right, you have to turn your horse right. Compound that with the lance shifting as you turn (if you want it to aim further out, you have to turn left), this makes lancing an art. Also, don't forget about the height you aim at. Aiming low will take out infantry, but all it will do is unhorse cavalry (though in a horse-heavy battle, that's about the same as death, infantry are easy shots). Aim too high and the only damage you'll do is from horse trampling.

Also, when you're playing cavalry you need to get weapons with a ton of reach. I use the jousting lance (reach 218) and the heavy lance (reach 190), depending on my mood (the blunt lance is for slaving, the sharp one is for cavalry, since it's better at killing when you don't have the momentum+couch advantage). It's not as important as infantry, since you can get up close with your opponent, but when you have to do passes by every inch counts.
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