How do you "accompany" or "follow" someone in the game

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User Info: iloveyourcat

7 years ago#1
I had a mission where I had to accompany someone on an attack, and I just sat there with everyone else accompanying him, and him just waiting for me to do it, and I couldn't figure out how to do it. So eventually they just all left.

Plus can you accompany a group or follow a group that you happen to pass by? If so, how?

User Info: Ice_Cold1313

7 years ago#2
You follow them manually. This is more of a 'holding quest' that you do until the person your following gives you something else to do (like find more food for the army, or scout the area etc.)

User Info: facemeltur

7 years ago#3

as a human player all you do is manually follow them, the computer counts/lords/whatever can actually be asked to follow through the i have a task for you option. The game assumes you know what actions you are taking so it dosent show you are following someone is how i think of it.

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  3. How do you "accompany" or "follow" someone in the game

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