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User Info: dancoy2000

8 years ago#1
Do I need Doom 3 to play this....I dont think so, but the Gamestop Dork said I would. Thanks
GamerTag: xBuckWildx

User Info: MEGAMUR

8 years ago#2
No, you don't. You need the PC version of DOOM³ to play the PC version of RoE, but the Xbox versions are standalone titles.
"Also, I just really can't think of any good ideas."
-Koji Igarashi, Producer of the Castlevania series

User Info: Cobra_Viper

8 years ago#3
But it's totally worth owning both.
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User Info: dancoy2000

8 years ago#4
Thanks guys!
GamerTag: xBuckWildx

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