Purity Forest??

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User Info: ShinyGible7

7 years ago#1
Is this dungeon even possible to beat??? 0_o I can not beat it... anyone out there who has beat this dungeon what pokemon did you use or what pokemon would you recommend? I would also like help with Wish Cave but I am more worried about Purity Forest because I can almost beat Wish Cave
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User Info: God_is_God

7 years ago#2
Charzard, Alicazam, and Keckleon are the best out there. Charzard has heat wave and gains levels at a moderate rate. Alicazam starts strong and has teleport but don't try to level him up you just run through the dungeon. Keckleon can learn almost any TM, levels quickly, and has lots of good moves, but he is a pain in the butt to get.
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User Info: ShinyGible7

7 years ago#3
haha cool thanks :D
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User Info: God_is_God

7 years ago#4
No prob
Rescues so far: 16, 14 in level one dungeons

User Info: Rawry_Rew_Karu

7 years ago#5
i tried kecleon there and he died! twice! D:
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User Info: PowerBobster

7 years ago#6

one time I tried to take them on with my ar(infanite health) and it took me forever to kill one. I am not using my ar anymore(I deleated my AR file)but I haven't seen a store anywhere, is there a sertain dungen that gets alot of them? what level should I be? I am talking about kelceon.

User Info: De_AthVader

7 years ago#7
To get a Kecleon you need to be lvl 90+ AND have a Friend Bow equipped
Even then its still a 1/1000 chance of being recruited

Took me 3 days to recruit one. Everytime I went through Wyvern Hill I found one.

First time I went through with Kecleon I found about 5 Joy seeds. Granted, 3 were sticky, so I had to wait for a cleanse orb. I ended up using them to get me up to lvl 23 on around 52F. I had also found a tight belt. I then got screeched and soundboomed by an Electrode >.>

Second time I went through with a Kecleon I came accross a Kecleon shop around 13F. It had TM Brick Break and stickied X-ray specs. I stole them and used a warp seed, and made a daring escape to the next floor. I can't remember how buy I died around lvl 40

Third time I went through with a Kecleon I had to go answer the door and forgot to close my DS. I didn't get back to it for a few hours and by then the battery died

Fourth time through with a Kecleon and found a Kecleon shop around 60F. It had a reviver seed. I got to 80F and a Camerupt Magnituded 8th me forcing me to use it. Parasect also scared the hell out of me as they kept sporing then majorly depleting my health. I then ran from any and all Camerupts and Parasects and made it to 99F :)

By the way, if you find a Frustration TM, use it. It has 22PP and will always deal 45 damage

Now to try Wish Cave
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