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Wish Cave, Purity Forest, and Joyous Tower....

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User Info: shadowdave123

9 years ago#1
These Dungeons are hard.....
I need tips... ^^

User Info: Mirage312

9 years ago#2
For Wish Cave and Jouyous Tower get a Kadabra/Alakazam.
They know Confusion and Teleport at level 1.
Take X-Ray Specs, 2 TM Frustrations (damage is set with 45), big apples and top elixirs, as well as an escape orb.

Fight everyone you see to gain exp., choose carefully which items you pic up.
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User Info: WarFighter092

9 years ago#3
Pass Scarf helps but if a pokemon use sonicboom or something, its hopeless.
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User Info: Sythranox

9 years ago#4
Grah. I submitted a Purity Forest / Wish Cave guide to GameFaqs a few days ago and I'm still waiting for an update. >.>

Yeah, the best Pokemon to bring is Alakazam because of his freaking awesome defense stats - at level 1, his defense and sp. defense is better than a level 40 Mew. AND he knows Teleport, which is a life-saver.
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User Info: DiamondDude1004

9 years ago#5
bring charizard too, because of the fact that heat wave (which it knows at lv 1 )does damage to all enimies in the room,
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User Info: hansiec

9 years ago#6
wish cave get 20 joy seeds and venasur lvl up venasur to lvl5 with xp and then eat joy seeds!
purity forest i'm working on it=(
joyus tower same as wish cave!

srry purity forest is harder ill let u no when i did purity forest kk!

User Info: hansiec

9 years ago#7
ive got a idea do these wonder mails and eat joy seeds the first 8 floors of purity forset

??J% 65Y? 4.?-
F#?? 6K?T P??W

??J% 6QS? 4.6-
F#?? 69?T P??W

??J% 6#X? 4.6M
Y#?? 6K?T P??W

??J% 6MT? 4.7X
Y#?? 69?T P??W

??J% 6%T? 4.7S
K#?? 6K?T P??W

??J% 6MT? 4.NF
X#?? 69?T P??W

??J% 65.? 4.NX
9#?? 6K?T P??W

??J% 6QS? 4.P4
0#?? 69?T P??W

User Info: hansiec

9 years ago#8
srry wrong wonder mails

??J% TCS? ?+?H
QH?8 0K?T P??W

??J% T!S? ?+68
5H?8 09?T P??W

??J% T5S? ?+6M
SH?8 0K?T P??W

??J% TH.? ?+7S
PH?8 09?T P??W

??J% T!+? ?+7#
1H?8 0K?T P??W

??J% T4+? ?+NX
PH?8 09?T P??W

??J% T1+? ?+N1
9H?8 0K?T P??W

??J% TMX? ?+PX
JH?8 09?T P??W

User Info: Charixardfira

9 years ago#9
You can't bring items into Purity Forest, I think.
It's not of strength, but of wits, at least thats what I can remember. ._.
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User Info: hansiec

9 years ago#10
I know but those are find items joy seeds so if you eat before delivering them you just dont get a reward..
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