Mastering the Joy Seed

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User Info: Eevereen

7 years ago#1
Mastering the Joy Seed (plus how to use 1 Joy Seed to level 2 Pokemon)

We all know that Joy Seeds can sometimes be hard to obtain and you want the best results out of it. So, you need to use them wisely.

-When using a Joy Seed, make sure that your Pokemon needs in between 20000 & 30000 exp. till it's next level (otherwise, you could've easely just leveled them up in the dojo or something)

-Also, I found out this totally, wickedly AWSOME stradedgy to level up 2 Pokemon with ONLY 1 Joy Seed

-You'll need 2 Pokemon that you want to level up to bring with you into a dungeon (I suggest either the dojo or Tiny Woods because they're quick get-in-&-get-out dungeons), a pierce band (VERY important), and your Joy Seed(s)

-Equip your leader with the pierce band (note: your leader should be a Pokemon that you don't need/want to level up because this trick does not efect the leader)

-Bring 2 Pokemon that you want to level up with you into a dungeon (remember the first tip)

-Once in the dungeon line up your 2 Pokemon vertical from you somehow ('wait there' tactic, hallway, etc.)

-Throw the Joy Seed at your 2 Pokemon and (thanks to the pierce band) both Pokemon will level up with ONLY ONE JOY SEED.

-You can use this strategy with other items too such as Energy Drinks, berrys, food, other seeds, gummis, and more! *You can also use this strategy in Wish Cave


User Info: thezachster

7 years ago#2
woah..... never realized that... And technically if 2 pokemon had the thing that bounces items and both had pierce bands, could the pokemon in the middle get tons of levels?
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User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

7 years ago#3
this is a very old strategy and it can be used on three pokemon at once if they're all in a row. just get in a hallway, turn around and throw whatever it is that you have to throw
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User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

7 years ago#4
forgot, throw whatever it is you wanna throw with either a pierce band or pierce IQ skill or whatever it's called
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