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Tips on how to get through Wish Cave?

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User Info: Spectacular_Mat

7 years ago#1
I heard Alakazam and Charizard are good choices *ticks off list*

What items should I bring?

How many partners?

Help please.
I don't even...
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User Info: MasonTheGamer

7 years ago#2
This was what I brought (It's been awhile since I played - I forgot alot about this game awhile ago - I don't know the dungeon restrictions besides Lv1)

Some Good Items:

Revival Seeds
Joy Seeds (They might be a waste if you fail, but eating twenty at the start will help)
Max Elixirs (You need to use moves to gain more EXP and defeat Pokemon easier)
Huge Apples

If you have enough Revival Seeds, you could replace the Max Elixirs with them (since you get full PP on revival of your Pokemon) but they could be wasted on your teammates.

My strategy: I brought Kecleon as the leader, and since I didn't care what my support members would do, I brought Mew and Swampert and let them do whatever (I didn't let them use Revival Seeds or anything; they were just free help + meatshields) They lost at floors 80-90, and I was able to finish it easily myself.

My Kecleon was able to have Flamethrower, Slash, Bite (or some other move I forgot), and some other attack linked for an easy defeat of Jirachi. There are some items you can find throughout the dungeon + Kecleon shops to help out. Throughout, I would accept any 4th members, but treated them like my other two (no items) and if they lost, I would just continue until I got another. IF YOU HAVE A FOURTH PARTY MEMBER RIGHT BEFORE JIRACHI, DISMISS THEM!!! YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RECRUIT JIRACHI UNLESS YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Spectacular_Mat

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Spectacular_Mat

7 years ago#4
Thanks for the tips.
I don't even...
Pokemon - 1419 6720 1869

User Info: thezachster

7 years ago#5
Well i don't know a lot about wish cave (only just finished saving medacham) but here's the Srats for Charzard and Alacazam iirc. With Alakazam, you have teleport as a base move. The basic concept is to keep teleporting until you get to a stairs i think.

For charizard it's good because you start with heat wave, which is a strong move that hits all enemys in the room.

For Jurachi the most commonly used method is the Frustration-link technique. Frustration without eating a gummi does 45 dammage always. Link all 4 together and you get 180 dammage per move, which is a lot in level 1 dungeon
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User Info: guwa

7 years ago#6

That's what I always do, and it's always worked spectacularly for me. Just make sure you don't rush, and if you find more food than you need, start EXP grinding until you can get the full use out of it.
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