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User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

8 years ago#1
I just started playing this after ACE 1 and this one's mostly an improvement but I've noticed that very few of the units boost the way they would have in ACE. Instead of moving fast with a larger turning circle you just dash forward a little way and attack. The only ones I've got so far that usually boost like in ACE I think are Yuu Brain and Gai's Aestevalis.

Is there some dashing method that I don't know yet?
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User Info: draewon

8 years ago#2
i dunno,you can tap direction twice to dodge dash but it eats too much vernier for attacking purposes,the normal boost is pretty much the same with armored core,ZOE,and virtual on,although they kinda make it easier to do here(that or several enemies are just too stupid to dodge your shots on levels below ace)
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User Info: _Val_

8 years ago#3
I didn't really noticed the change (mostly because I played ACE1 after ACE2), but you can improve this with the upgrades.
IIRC the second line makes you move faster in boost mode (triggered with X) and the third one makes you move further for the evasion-dash (when you press twice a direction).

User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

8 years ago#4
I boosted up the Gunark's ... boost stat and now it works better. :)
Nooooo, I'm fish
*cook myself* -Leo4999

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