Better then the reviews,

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User Info: wildryman

9 years ago#1
By that I mean that I am not going to vote for it for game of the year, but I have to give it more then a 6. parts of it a creepy, and well there is nothing better the shooting zombie in the head.

User Info: Kei_neoblood

9 years ago#2
Yea, i liked it enough to give it an 8 lol

User Info: DoupleGanger

9 years ago#3

Well despite the fact you were almost fighting every where you went, and not alot of scary scenes, it is pretty fun and cool to play. The characters are fun and interesting, the gameplay is enjoyable, and it has a good storyline to top it off with. I don't know what made them think it's a bad game.

User Info: wildryman

9 years ago#4
Some people have no taste in games. I woudl have to say that I liked this better then the movie.

User Info: Icetray86

9 years ago#5

I never played the game, but I read the reviews and saw the gameplay.

This is NOT the worst game ever made. I won't offend anybody by saying what the worst game is, but believe me. I know the worst game.

User Info: zcds

9 years ago#6
I remember playing a demo of it and it was very bad. Game play was very inblanced (the guy moved slower than a snail and the zombies moved fast) aimng was slugish and fiering was delayed, the zombies took way to many shots to kill and there was tones of them at a time. The best part was a load time when you enter in each room lasting over 10 secounds even thoe the room was fully loaded. I don't mean to bad mouth the game, maybe it was improved, it just had a lot going against it.

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