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User Info: KooLDiMe

8 years ago#1
Corperia: Martial arts, Martial arts, Kickboxing
Corphoria:Martial arts, Submissions, Submissions
Tang Lang Quan:Martial arts, Martial arts, Wrestling
Kung Fu: Martial arts, Submissions, Kickboxing
Karate: Martial arts, Martial arts, Streetfighting
Mui Thia kick-boxing: Kickboxing, Streetfighting, Wrestling
Cruiserweight: Submission, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung-Fu 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Wrestling
Drunken Kung Fu 2: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Streetfighting
Jeet Kune Do 1: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Submission
Kung Fu 1: Martial Arts, Submission, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 2: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Wrestling
Street Brawl 3: Martial Arts, Wrestling, then Kickboxing
Street Brawl 4: Martial Arts then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 5: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, then Streetfighting
Street Brawl 6: Martial Arts then Kickboxing
Technical Freak: Martial Arts then Submission
Tiger Claw 1: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submission
Tiger Claw 2: Martial Arts, Submission, then Streetfighting
Crouching Tiger: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Submissions
Hidden Dragon: Martial Arts, Streetfighting, then Kickboxing
Streetbrawling Freak: Submission, Wrestling, then Streetfighting

By: Paco Taco
Source: http://www.gamewinners.com/Cheats/index.php/Def_Jam:_Fight_for_NY_-_The_Takeover

Hi All!

im kinda new with Def Jam series.. lets say my combination is: Kickboxing + Streetfighting + Wrestling. from the list above, it should lead to Muay Thai. so, do i get a notice about when i made a correct combination? i meant like "You've got Muay Thai style!" or something like that?

also, its a bit out topic, is it possible to gain more Development Points after i completed the game?

User Info: kennm

8 years ago#2
hmm nope there wont be any notification.. and as for the styles, there might be ppl saying like martial art + kickboxing +kickboxing is similar to muay thai as well.. so pretty much its an open system tat has different variation of that style..

and about the other qn...after u get 100%.. u cant get any more dev points .. so the only way to get the maximum dev points, is to play in hard mode all the way from the start to end..tat will give u around 3 max stats and 2 90% and 1 80% ... with some points to spare for those blazing moves.. but i would not invest too much on them(i didnt even invest a single point till the end .. but having a blazing move tat does not require u to grab the opponent would be nice... like a punch as a starter of the move.. since throw types have a high tendency to be countered in hard modes >_<)

u can try out the styles and reload the game to suit ur playing style.. (u might want to off autosave in the options juz incase u "accidentally" finished the fight and the game saved for u)

(another thing is tat if u want to start as hard difficulty u might need to go to vs mode 1st and set to hard mode and then create ur character since the 1st fight doesnt allow u to enter ur crib to change the options)
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User Info: KooLDiMe

8 years ago#3
yeah, i asked that coz Muay Thai stand looks similar with Kick Boxing except for the movelist, so i wonder if i made a mistake or not. i thought it would be cool if new styles have different stands

on to the Hard mode then.. Thanx for those great infos! btw :D

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