SPOILERS whats up with the ending?!?

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User Info: Vorpal_Minion

7 years ago#1
First things first, I actually enjoyed the game, even though I generally don't like adventure games (besides the action variety, which this isn't) Anyways, loved the story, made it feel like there was a lot more going on in the world(s) then you actually get to experience, and it set up so many questions. I love questions... but, I loath unanswered questions. Did this game answer a single one? When the credits started rolling I felt my blood boil, were they really cutting it off right when I thought the story was reaching a climax? I hoped it was some kind of joke, and waited through the credits for the cut-scene that would answer everything but NO, they had to go and dump ONE MORE question. I mean, what the heck is Westinghouse doing back in '33? Who's that Chavor or whatever his name is? Then there's everything else, I mean April obviously wasn't killed by that weak little stab, Kian was only just beginning his revelation. What was that dream storm April found? Is it connected to the DreamCore between the divide? Who was the Profit, really? I can go on and on, I suppose this is already quite the rant... but I'm just explaining my frustration. I can understand leaving some loose ends for a sequel but those games still resolve the issue at hand. This game felt like it was cut off during the build-up of the story, nothing, and I mean nothing was resolved. Considering that all the game had was story, lets face it, combat sucked and the puzzles were easy, this was major fail.
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User Info: scrap_paper

7 years ago#2

Dreamfall is a sequel to The Longest Journey (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Journey).

"Brian Westhouse is originally from Stark who now resides in Marcuria, and had been journeying in the Tibetan winter of 1934. Cortez saved him from near death and took him to a monastery. Although he is a non-shifter, he took part in a ritual that sent him through the divide. His path wasn’t easy and got stuck in the divide for nearly 300 years before reaching Arcadia. Where he went, time doesn’t pass as normal so he didn’t age."


So basically, Brian was orginally from Stark, but got stuck in the divide for almost 300 years when he tried to shift (with that ritual that was performed at the beginning of Dreamfall).

Dreamfall will have a sequel eventually (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreamfall_Chapters).
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  3. SPOILERS whats up with the ending?!?

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