Best Suikoden?

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User Info: reww

9 years ago#1
I have only played 3-5 and I think 3 was the best then 5 then 4, although I think they did a good job on some characters on 4 compared to 5. I was wondering what Suikoden Vets thought about which was the best suikoden. Seems like when this game came out people were saying 2 was the best. Anyway post your opinion.
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User Info: Freakwave003

9 years ago#2
I've played all the Suikodens. 2 and 5 are the best imo. it's close on which is the best, but imo...
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User Info: Mad777Gamer

9 years ago#3
Do keep in mind this is entirely opinion-based, and I'd imagine most people who visit the Suikoden V board will be biased towards it.

I've played them all and have beaten each one save for the first, which I had to borrow.

1, I unfairly give a B-. I just didn't have the time to stick with it. I played it later than the others, too, so being able to equip only one rune was a complete pain. The wars were straight up rock-paper-scissors style - quite uninteresting to me.

2, I give an A. I enjoyed most of the characters, good and bad alike. Its difficulty was nothing to laugh about. The wars were interesting.

3, I give an A-. The trinity system was quite awesome imo. I enjoyed getting the story from different perspectives. Suikoden 3 made a lot more characters a lot more useful for quite a while, while the others end up with a bunch of useless stars at the end. The minus, though, is for the screwy battle system (1 command for 2 members, plus the worthlessness of the fire runes) and for the whacked-out wars. Officers fight rather than soldiers? Come on.

4, deserves a C. Down to four characters at a time meant tons of worthless SoD. I played Tactics first, so it was good to get more story for the characters I enjoyed playing in Tactics. I truly despised that frickin' boat with that crazy encounter rate on the water. The wars were next to pointless.

Tactics, I give an A. I'm partial to Tactics games. The Switch function meant very very few truly useless characters. I thought this game was very well done. Many diehard Suikoden fans may not like Suikoden Tactics much. It does deviate quite a bit from the others before it.

5, I give an A-. I enjoyed the plot quite a bit, and most of the characters were extremely well done. For example, most players hate Roy - and that's how it should be - he was meant to be portrayed as a complete pain. Lyon is a doll. I thought it was cute how she stayed at the prince's side as often as she could. The minus is for the difficulty. I never truly felt in any kind of danger during normal or boss battles. Wars... some of those could get rough, but all were very winnable.

Great series, despite the step-headed red child - Suikoden 4.

User Info: slicknick21

9 years ago#4
suikoden II>suikoden 1>suikoden III>suikoden V>sukoden IV

I liked them all, I still haven't gotten to tactics which I will once I'm done getting 108 stars on IV.

User Info: Grandy12

9 years ago#5
Suikoden II > Suikoden V

Didn't play the others, though I bought IV. I doubt they'll be as good as II, though, it's the game that got me hooked up in RPGs to begin with.

Besides it had Sid and Clive. You can't beat that.
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User Info: Grandy12

9 years ago#6
Oh, forgot about Tactics.

II > V > Tactics

It's not that I disliked it, but there's not nearly as many characters to hunt down. I love hunting characters down.
JUS: 3565-9442-2596

User Info: muccmasterx

9 years ago#7
Suikoden II is definitely the best out of all of them. Awesome characters and a pretty good plot with a decent difficulty level depending on your setup. This game is great too but how easy it is really turns me off sometimes.
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User Info: 10nayr

9 years ago#8
Suikoden V! I'm right, end of story.
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User Info: RKOLegend1

9 years ago#9
I'm starting 5 after I finish with 4. Suikoden 4 isn't bad at all IMO.

User Info: slicknick21

9 years ago#10
yea I would almost like IV better than V had it been longer with some more places to explore.
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