Japanese Site Translations (spoilers possible)

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    Okay here is my translation of the Japanese Sonic Riders site ( http://sonic.sega.jp/riders/ for those who don't know yet).

    As requested, I'll start with the characters, but I just wanted to post a caveat - I am far from an expert and some of these symbols are very difficult to make out, so some parts will be abbreviated and some approximated. Construcive criticisms and comments are welcome; I'm trying to improve my translating. I'll try to stick as close as possible to the actual translation, so some of the wording may look a bit odd.

    First - if you look at the top of the site, there are eight tabs (as of 2/3/06). They read:

    Top Story "Way of playing" Mode Character Course Download Infromation

    I'm starting with Character, the long one in the middle. The characters are groued by types, which are color-coded.
    Blue: [ Speed type ]
    Yellow: [ Fly type ]
    Red: [ Strength type ]

    Top of the speed list, of course, is :

    Sonic the Hedgehog: loving independence, common sense over confining rules, lives by his own rules. Habitually flip ... losing Jet's speed contest sparked his pride. He had earned his desired reputation as "the fastest", but now can he protect that title in the world of Extreme Gear?!

    Sonic's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Raising a large voice to surprise his rivals
    Lvl 2 : Rolling state to splash and skip over his rivals
    Lvl 3 : He tangles up the rival and continues rolling

    More to follow