Japanese Site Translations (spoilers possible)

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    I appreciate the compliments, guys. I'm going in order because otherwise I'm afraid I'll miss something.

    Jet the Hawk: Leader of the Babylon thief group, also called "Legendary Windrider". No.1 in Extreme Gear techniques handed down through successive generations. Honoring pride in his role as leader, staunch in "war" and thinking for himself. Full of pride, hating to be defeated, showing an unattractive side to outsiders. In regards to Sonic, fastest on land, "There isn't any way I can lose!" applying his pride to the challenge of the contest.

    Jet's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : The rival can be surprised by a big sneeze
    Lvl 2 : Hits with Bashiyousen, repels and skips over the rival.
    Lvl 3 : Like turning a frame in a film, he makes the rival twist into the shape of a screw

    **Bashiyousen is a literal transliteration - it's obviously the palm fans but I can't translate the kana to reasonable English. Bashing (?)**

    One thing i had already picked up on is pride seems to be a major motivator in these races. Shadow should fit right in. Incidently the Rogues are always called "Bayblon thief group" for some reason. I checked the kanji for "Rogue" there is one and it's completely different.