Japanese Site Translations (spoilers possible)

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User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#211
Hope they'll at least get all the story course tracks up. FAQ has been updated with Dark Desert and some minor corrections. Still can't ID one of the kanji in Splash Canyon though, I want to get that translation corrected!

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#212
Sky Road and the three SEGA characters are up. Will post translations here and update FAQ tomorrow or Saturday.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#213
Ulala: A reporter of the Universal Broadcasting service (Space Channel 5). At the height of the race she wields her mic(rophone) with spirit, not professional detachment. An easy win by riding and dancing?

Ulala's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Surprise your rival with the ray gun you usually carry
Lvl 2 : Push away rivals with a sexy hip attack
Lvl 3 : Make your rivals go numb with the ray gun carried in your hand

NiGHTS: Wiseman's right-hand man was created for the first Nightmaren revolution. Posessing a Nightmaren's crazy nature, this free and uncontrolled character disobeys anyone and everyone to cause calamity; and by receiving Wiseman's curse was confined to the world of dreams. When the air is cut off, NiGHTS displays low-altitude flight instead of running.

NiGHTS' Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Astonish the rival by quoting gossip.
Lvl 2 : Attack the competitor with a splendid Nightmaren dance step
Lvl 3 : Make the rival's acquaintance during low-altitude
flight, to spin and pass the competition

NiGHTS' gossip attack seems a strange choice for a silent character, I know, but that's what it says. (No pun intended) Perhaps that's why it's so astonishing? Also even though every other character's English names are entirely capitalized, NiGHTS does have the lower case i. (Had seen the argument somewhere that that was merely a stylistic device, as Tails was written TAiLS in one of the games...). Will get to AiAi and Sky Road after a bit of neglected housework.

Oh, and if anyone KNOWS about the NiGHTS game - let me know if I've spelled things right please; I never saw the game. NiGHTS does have the most info of the three SEGA characters, which I find interesting.

User Info: zelda14236

11 years ago#214
Its Wizeman.
"NiGHTS does have the most info of the three SEGA characters, which I find interesting."
Of course he does, he was the best Sonic Team character ever created.
Fly. Do what you want. For in dreams, you can do anything.

User Info: zelda14236

11 years ago#215
And making a face is gossip?
News to me.
Fly. Do what you want. For in dreams, you can do anything.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#216
Making a face?

The definition I get for kuchinoha is "gossip". Taking the kanji separately gives "edge of mouth" which doesn't make much sense.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#217
Here's AiAi:

AiAi: Anyhow he likes bananas very much, every day thinks of banana matters, living optimistically. He vigorously surmounts any rigorous course with banana power. He participates in the race with specially-made gear in the shape of a banana!

AiAi's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Jump suddenly from inside your ball to surprise your rival
Lvl 2 : The ball collides with the opponent to shove the competition away
Lvl 3 : Rolling the ball at high speed, entangle your opponent with the ball

User Info: zelda14236

11 years ago#218
On the first screen of NiGHTS, hes making a face. Thats his level 1 move.
Fly. Do what you want. For in dreams, you can do anything.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#219
According to the text below the screenshots; the attack is "Lvl 1 : Astonish the rival by quoting gossip."

This is direct translation from the Japanese.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#220
Sky Road

Chasing Sonic, four people arrive with difficulty at Babylon Garden: Tails, Knuckles, Wave, and Storm. While Storm and Knuckles quarrel, something establishes its aim with radar. "Target detected! Get them!" It was the Eggman robo that previously had been damaged by Knuckles and Storm. The attack by a great swarm of Eggman robos starts a grand chase race!

Course Overview:
Babylon Garden had sunk deep underground. The enshrouding dark clouds vanish; gradually the beautiful facades are illuminated by the light of the sun. It floats in the air, the electronic fortress of ancient times able to see the sides of buildings.

Course Capture:
1. This place, the underside of the road!? Look for the entrance to enter the basement!
2. It is difficult to choose a trick at the blast point, but there is value in attempting difficult challenge!? [N.B. look closely at the picture to see the "value"]
3. The corridor of light has two entrances, higher and lower branches. To save time, access the upper entrance.

Map Highlights:
1. Start point - Direct decent from a high central level. Power types can knock away the imminent pole.
2. Security gates - Each type's gate offers a particular method of passage.
3. Arch of the adult bird - The variation in time of tricks decided on in this place is attached to the crossing. It is the one point on this course where you must decide with no mistake allowed.
4. Turbulence - The Air Force creates the turbulence. Ride and manage the wildest turbulence in the entire course!
5. Explosion point - The Air Force destroys the road whenever anyone runs around the circumference. Pay attention and don't fall into the hole.
6. Dash ring - Fly types will probably aim for here. Immediately charge when you decend from the turbulence.
7. Railway - Access the railway with tricks from the mini-kickoff.
8. Corridor of light - This is the sole indoor course. What you gain here will prolong your boost-dash until the goal!

Note that E10000R is in fact the same robot knocked around in Egg Factory; some people had already noted this, others contradicted it.

Map Highlight # 3 I find interesting as it seems to me there were a FEW other places where one couldn't make mistakes.
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