Japanese Site Translations (spoilers possible)

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User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#51

Yeah, I think I noticed someone copying Eggman's profile on The Sonic Stadium. I did alert whoever it was that you should give credit to you for translating it.

Oh, and nice info. We now know what the basic stats of the formations are, and also Amy's bio.

User Info: Eriorguez_4ever

11 years ago#52
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#53
Yes, I saw it there, and I appreciate your support. That was the second place I'd seen it, and I doubt anyone else would have translated exactly word for word, so I thought I'd say something here. I really don't mind people using the info, but if they're copying entire blocks it's only polite to credit the translator.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#54
Actually I saw it on the Shadow board first and TSS second. Gets confusing when everyone posts at the same time, lol.

User Info: Angnix

11 years ago#55
I think I posted one and linked back to this topic... I'll include your name too... attacking Sonic's "rear"... I'm frightened O_O
Best Moment on American Idol Season 5 Tryouts:
Largish Black Guy: "Jiggallypuff, Jigga leeeee puff...."

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#56
All right folks, time for some courses! There are a few spots that are hard to read - mainly in the track highlights - but I think I can read most of it.

Courses are under the "Course" tab (currently 5th from the left, the short one after the Character tab)
Under Courses we currently have 5 listings: Metal City, Splash Canyon, Egg Factory, Green Cave , Sand Ruins and Babylon Gardens (going left to right). Metal CIty is the default. Each course gives a bit of plot, followed by the "Course Worldview" and "Course Capture". I've called the stars on the maps map highlights, click on each to get a picture with a brief description.

So, Metal City:

The puzzle of the encounter with the 3 thieves, and a giant screen projecting the figure of Eggman.
"A World Grand Prix will be held! The overall champion keeps all the participants' Chaos Emeralds!"
It appears that somehow the three gem-snatchers will participate.
Pride ignited to blazing, Sonic decides to participate in the world Grand Prix and [disrupt] Eggman's scheme.

**Eggman is literally announcing a " World fastest playoff meeting", lol. Also for some reason the only translation I could find for the last verb in the last sentence was "cannibalize" I don't think Sonic REALLY wants to eat Eggman, so I substituted. I've also noted below the two spots where I simply could not make out the kanji.**

Course Overview:

The high [missing kanji] city which is called the forest of silver.
The race facility uses the highway which runs along the ravine of the building district.
- Entirely rejecting eager spontaneity, it is managed by a computer network.
Surpass the group and rise to stand on the twin towers of the city symbol.

Course capture:

Hidden within the course are countless points where type skills such as grinding are available.
In addition, there is also a secret passage that can only be reached by those good at using turbulence!

Map Highlights
1. Starting point: Aim for count 0 as you start your dash!
2. Central tower: To decide on a front flip, pass through the central tower's opening!
3. Turbulence: Use turbulence in a straight line to pass the competitior ahead!
4. Curve: Speed-type characters can grind along the railway!
5. Up-Down: Fly-types passing through the onemaiku [the air ring] can air-ride!
6. Large semi: Power-types can knock the tractor-trailer out of the way to gain access!
7. Second tower: To decide on a backflip, the second tower is the last difficult place. [missing kanji]

User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#57
Nice info, Thrippa. So, it DOES tell the story that happened before that level. Sweet,

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#58
Sorry, I can't count. There are currently SIX courses. And yes, each one gives a bit of story, so anyone who doesn't want to know anything about the plot should stop now. You've been warned.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#59
As I mentioned before, some of the picture captions are simple too small to make out necessary details, so some of the captures and highlights are necessarily truncated. I think "setting" may refer to Tails' adjustments to the board, but I'm not sure so I left the word as it is.

Splash Canyon

Reunion with Amy.
Who are the Babylon Rogues? And the Babylon Gardens? The mystery deepens....
While Tails is explaining the gear, one "Wave" of the three thieves interrupts the discussion.
Regarding the gear he's setting "What - you will participate on so amateur a setting as this!?" she laughs at Tails.
This speech sparked Tails' pride!

Course Overview:
Few people have set foot in this great, unexplored region of inaccesible places.
The race course utilizes the cultural heritage left behind along the the canyon.
All civilizations have claimed the flow of water as convenient power, you can see the vestiges
of the reservoir and waterwheel in several places.
The enormous waterwheel that is the symbol of this course controls all the water flow.

Course capture:
1. An air ring in such a place? Air ride!
2. The crumbling waterwheel blocks your path... Mere deterioration or...?
3. If the route ahead is too narrow, use grinding to continue advancing!

Map Highlights:
1. Starting point [too much I can't read]
2. First reservoir: Jump over the differences in water level! The water increase glides and is ultra-refreshing!
3. Railway: Speed types can grind
4. First reservoir outflow: Jump over the reservoir in a front flip, with vast nature stretched out below you!
5. The afore-mentioned mountain stream: Use the stream of water for a high-speed glide! You must follow the line of the flow to be effective!
6. Hairpin curve: To reach the second reservoir airslide 180 degrees around the hairpin turn!
7. Crystal cavern: Pass through the gate of the enormous waterwheel and enter the mysterious cave! Avoiding the crystals, make for the exit!
8. Rainbow path: Cross over by leaping into the spray that makes the rainbow path!

Incidently the crystal cavern is what a lot of people have been calling the "ice cave" in some of the screenshots. And in capture # 2, they seem to be hinting at sabotage?

User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#60
Yeah, I called it an ice cave, but Blackarms proclaimed that it was an entirely new level. As I said, it was simply a section in Splash Canyon. Meh, I was really sure that this place was in the Mystic Ruins. Hmm... maybe it still is?
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