Japanese Site Translations (spoilers possible)

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User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#71
Sand Ruins

At last, the Grand Prix Finals!
The Grand Prix Champion obtains the chaos emeralds.
In order to set the emeralds down, Sonic and Jet go up on the stage.
"You've shown a degree of merit in the finals up to now" curses Jet. "This time I will not be defeated!" Sonic displays pride in himself and ambition.
Amid the grandstands there is excitement and swirling confetti; now, the curtain is about to be raised on the scene of battle!

Course Overview:
In this immense desert, the race course makes use of historic ruins left by an ancient civilization. Regarding the temple and the images which remain in several places, even now there are mysterious powers in the vestiges of the once-prosperous civilization that worshiped the Bird God. As for the enormous crossbow which symbolizes the course, legend holds that it was once a bridge to heaven.

Course capture:
1. The deteriorating pillars mark an important site,but cover the racer's path! Should the road ....!?
2. Statues of the Bird God are frequently seen in this land. If you look carefully, 1 statue...
3. The enormous crossbow lifts the racer in a breath to the upper reaches.

Map Highlights:
1. Start point: While pouring on a large burst of speed, pass through the gates of the colliseum!
2. Against the desert heat: Pass the gates on one side of the desert! Aim for the posts appearing from the ground to mark the valley!
3. Quicksand valley curve: While paying attention to the quicksand, ride the inside track for a shortcut!
4. Temple of the Bird God: Enormous topography spreads before your eyes! Decide on high ranking tricks while riding!
5. Inside the Temple: Obstacles float above the floor by means of a mysterious force. Make use of boosts found here and there to locate the shortest passage through!
6. Images of the Bird God: Images of the Bird God, seen often in this land, separate the course. Decide on the timing of your airslide carefully!
7. Arrow of the Bird God: Escape above ground in a flash with the power of the enomous bow! After landing aim your dash towards the course!

One more to go! Wonder what they'll add to the site for tomorrow?

User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#72
It's the finals already?! I wonder what happens AFTER Babylon Gardens, which causes them to continue racing. Interesting... yeah, I am also wondering what they'll add tomorrow. Although, theoretically, the update will probably be late tonight our time (maybe around 9:00). That happened last week, too. Okay, MY time. I don't know where you live. :P

User Info: Ambergryph

11 years ago#73
"Voluptuous and smelling like an adult woman, she is audacious and comely"

I've been taking Japanese class, and I think it's one of those things that makes more sense in Japanese. The word for "clean" is also the word for "pretty," which could have something to do with it. I'm actually sort of reminded of the Excel Saga anime, in which the title character tends to make odd puns comparing mountains and body hair, and such things.

If you want my opinion, the figurative translation (as in, translating to the nearest English equivalent rather than literally) is probably something like "exuding an aura of maturity."
This is Gryph, zoning out.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#74
That sounds like a preferable reading. I'd love to take a Japanese course, but the local colleges don't offer one; so it's a bit pick up as I go. One of these days, though.

User Info: knuckles_sonic8

11 years ago#75

Thrippa posted...
These little screens are awful to try and make out the kanji characters on! The kana and the titles I can read pretty well, but some of the details may be missing. Babylon Gardens has a very interesting story as far as I've translated it, but you don't want me to give away the ending yet, do you? I thought it was inteeresting that Storm is specifically called a "superhuman strength strongman". There may be somthing important about the signs on the walls (capture #3 ) but I simply could not read part of the caption. Also, anyone who still thinks the yellow robo is a playble character because it's on the track, note the second line of the Overview. Egg Factory: Going to the starting point, Knuckles now encounters the Babylon Rogue's superhumanly strong muscleman "Storm". In response to Storm's tone, Knuckles is brimming with spirit. Into this explosive mood, very soon the announcement for the race to begin will come. "The conclusion is already established in this race!" [says Storm] igniting Knuckles' pride to blazing! Course Overview: Furnaces blaze and seas of molten ore spread, in this production factory for Eggman's robos. There are many right-angle turns, and here and there on the course Eggman robos work to prevent the racers from advancing! All of the energy is concentrated at the central nucleus(core), the symbol of the course. Course capture: 1. Front flip flying over a sea of molten iron! See ahead where 2 paths diverge into upper and lower routes!? 2. Use the difference in level to do tricks! Landing on the railway, grind!! 3. On the wall is an Eggman mark, just the one mark is ...the first? [missing at least two words.] Map Highlights: 1. Starting point: You pay in heat, and aim up the sloping road above the molten iron that spreads out before your eyes! 2. Giant fan: Dive hereupon, and the ennormous fan will blow you to the 2nd landing. 3. 2nd level fork in the path: Main route is an inclined hill road. Fly types can air glide to make up the difference. 4. Curtain of molten ore: The curtain of molten ore covers the road! Pass through the opening in the flow of the molten ore! 5. Halfpipe -> railway: Decide on a trick in the halfpipe to access the railway. 6. 2nd level path junction: Power types can use the route to easy victory by knocking aside the stacked drums! 7. Laser way for conveyance: Catch the laser way to be conveyed across to the goal! Green Cave is next. I actually have most of the stories written down; its the other bits I hadn't done much with yet. And I finally identified a symbol I couldn't make out in Metal City, so I'll see if that needs adjusting.

Lemme get this straight. Knuckles and Storm are having arguments on who's....more buff?!

User Info: knuckles_sonic8

11 years ago#76
BTW, nice job so far. Can't wait for the Shop and Survival Mode info. ;)

User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#77


Hey Thrippa, think you can translate the name of the new course? I'd just like to know the name first of all, and I'm sure that it wouldn't be as difficult as an entire page... though, I don't know the Japanese language well (obviously), so I don't know how difficult it would be.

User Info: Thrippa

11 years ago#78
Course titles are easy since they're all in katakana - essentially English words(i.e. Babiron Gaaden). As soon as I can get the course to come up I'll post the name, but at the moment I'm only recieving part of the update - Robo g. Anyway, here's the last of the courses I do have:

Babylon Gardens

Because of the wondrous power of the Chaos Emeralds, the Babylon Gardens awaken from their sleep of many years.
Sonic and Jet go towards the Babylon Gardens, chasing Eggman.
"You cannot overtake him. Therefore you're a hindrance," says Jet, confronting him. "I'll show you. You have not yet experienced the `world of speed'!" cried Sonic.
For Sonic and Jet to settle the question of who's fastest for mutual pride, it comes down to two people determining victory or defeat!

Course Overview:
Babylon, once the symbol of prosperity; the legendary paradise that aroused the wrath of a god and now lies neglected deep underground. Contrary to its primitive appearance, the inside is fortified with electronic devices formed by the power of an ultra-scientific civilization. The automatic security system resolutely tries to remove all intruders.

Course capture:
1. Decide on the right trick in the half pipe, shortcut! If you fail, you also reverse course!!
2. The destroyed road cuts off...look carefully for the rising tip!?
3. The trick zone, occurring inside turbulence, opens up new routes!!

Map Highlights:
1. Starting point: Decend the central ramp!
2. 270 degree curve: 90 degree turn followed by 180 degree bend. Airslide
3. Security gate: Three gates separate the course. Speed types aim for the spiral course on the extreme left!
4. Air Force attack: Will the invaders be removed, when the leader's path is destroyed by the attack of an Air Force missile!?
5. Turbulance: Can you pass throught the Air Force on the turbulence? Run through and come out the far side of the darkness where the air rushes out!
6. Air Force track: Turbulence dies out as you pierce through to the other side! Catch the Air Force to aim again at the course!
7. Air Force attack (2nd time): The Air Force attack destroys the route again. Detour around the edge!
8. Palace interior: Passing inside the palace. Power types can smash through to open up a shortcut!

Some of the highlights are approximations as there were a number of symbols that were too blurred to make out.

User Info: JaidynReiman

11 years ago#79
Hmm... interesting information. Thanks about the course, too. I'm interested in what the course is called, as it appears to be another city (or perhaps the same one).

User Info: nintenjado

11 years ago#80
I think it's the same for the most part. Look at both maps back and forth. Starting from where the 3 dots start, The jump in the same place to a U-Turn, then the 2 tunnels then that curve to another U-Turn and then that building that looks exactly the same. But I'm guessing that the track obstacles are different because of the story.

I just re-checked to make sure I didn't miss anything and i realised, Metal City is day this one is night.
a gauk... - Cloud Strife, FF7
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