completely OP character/board combo?

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User Info: WHiSP3R119

5 years ago#1
i just re-bought the game a few weeks ago cause i fixed my old gamecube, and im wondering if theres any OP character/board combos that i could use to unlock the bonus levels for getting gold in the garnd prixs. i own every board in the shop and the powerfull gear from the missions. anything at all would be gtreat :)
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User Info: iSwagX2

5 years ago#2
I've recently started playing this again too & I just re-unlocked Super Sonic. ^.^
I would have to say the best Character & Board combination in the game would be:

*Speed/Flying Character* & Heavy Bike
-You could try the Hovercraft but it's ridiculously hard/annoying to use-

But it varies with the stages:
For example:

On Metal City I can manage: 1'57'300 with Eggman & Heavy Bike
Because the Power shortcut on that stage is faster than the Speed & Flying ones.

So it really depends on the stage, on who can be the fastest, but without a doubt the Heavy Bike is OP.
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  3. completely OP character/board combo?

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