Ending 19

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User Info: Hanzaemon_

7 years ago#1
I am entirely perplexed by this ending, and am stuck. Conveniently, it is the last ending I need to do to complete them all, and I hit a dead end.

I talked to the peasants, listened to Munechika, told Kota to calm down, went to Omiki Town, joined Ouka at Castle Minori, talked to Setsuen at the Road, and saw the Itsuse scene at night. After that, I built up my relationship with Itsuse to the maximum.

I have tried following both guides, and I even tried a strategy I found using the search function. But my problem is that in all 3 cases, scenes do not appear when they are supposed to--at least according to the sources. Especially the Yuma one. Whenever I try to get the Yuma scene as indicated by the guides, all I get is the Ouka party. Or the scene where Genjuro wants you to go raid the Fujimori supplies. If I try following the guides, I can never get the indicated events at that exact time. If I try mixing up the order of events, I can never get the Itsuse past event I need. What in the hell am I doing wrong?

User Info: thecatsix

7 years ago#2
I literally just got this Ending.

thepatrick's faq it works better

You don't need most of the events, some exchanged for others.
For instance the banquet is okay.

Do not go to AMANA ever, until Itsuse gives you the go.

The Night event INKLING with Itsuse she asks you why you are there
ANSWER: How should I know?

Talk to her in her room and pick the choice that makes her laugh.
Just like real girls if you make them laugh, you are doing Good. heh heh

Also talk to the big goon standing by her room. If he attacks you, you know you are in great standing with her. Whoop his butt with BLUNT attacks, the next time you see him he will give you a Halloween treat. ;)

Good luck. The night INKLING answer is most important. Most the others if you flub you can go back the next day and talk to her again. You can not flub that one.

Sniper's in Position! -Hitman Contracts

User Info: Hanzaemon_

7 years ago#3
Thanks for the response. I ended up getting it by just mixing events up until I got a combination that worked.

From my last point, I talked to Setsuen, then did the tournament at Castle Amana. Then at night I went to Castle Minori for the banquet, then to Setsuen for a third time. Then back to Castle Minori where Yuma and I got served by Itsuse. Next I went to Kota in the day to see the Sakurai dagger, then I night when I went back to Castle Minori, the Itsuse event was finally there.

I guess after getting all 21 endings, the real trick is to figure out the point at which the guides are misinformed or misleading, then trying to find the missing pieces yourself. In this case, I had to insert the banquet event, and remove the Shinnosuke event.

User Info: trollbatrider

7 years ago#4
Ha, thanks guys. Just did this one myself.

It was powerful scene - Itsune poring her heart out to my guy with an afro, no shirt, and a falcon on his shoulder.

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