changing the language?

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User Info: Fralla55

6 years ago#1
hi guys, just got my copy of wots3+ that was imported but the entire game is in japanese, people have been saying to goto the options and change the language to english, but i cant find it anywhere, any help?

User Info: night_stun

6 years ago#2
it depends on if you imported it from japan, if so there is no english,

if you got it from NA or EU then only cutsences are in english, and all text is in english too.
read the fine print of the xbox360 manual. "this playing system is a beta testing system"

User Info: luckytintinnz

6 years ago#3
WOTS3+ is Japanese only. No English sorry.

User Info: Selsidian

6 years ago#4
Congrats on blowing money on something without actually doing a little bit of research or, you know, maybe even thinking.
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