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User Info: RESoKA

5 years ago#21

Move again skill confirmed.
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User Info: zoeila

5 years ago#22
something power/Ka?
continuous action
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User Info: danny5329

5 years ago#23
zoeila posted...

something power/Ka?

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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#24
Yeah, these trophies are cute but there's nothing out of reach to your average SRW player. Just get through normal and ex-hard while ignoring SR points and grinding, then get the SR points on special mode with 15 upgrade bars. No problem. You knew they weren't going to include anything that only a small number of players could get. - Tactical Insights. Tactical turn based and tactical/strategy game news/reviews.

User Info: danny5329

5 years ago#25
They should have Masaki hit 5 enemy units without the use of any seishin xD
My Body Is Ready for........
2nd Super Robot Taisen OG

User Info: Dycize

5 years ago#26
We're getting a bancho related to the pilot of a classical super robot?
With a trophy for acing him?
Can anyone say "OG Boss Borot"?
I hope it's OG Boss.

User Info: TenkiHiryu

5 years ago#27
Translating to the best of my abilities D:

OG master
Adquire all trophies

EX hard mode clear
Complete the game on Hard Mode EX.

Clear special mode
Complete the game in special mode.

Faction Komi Spear
Regardless of the game mode, the clear the game 3 times

All points earned SR
Get all the SR points

Complete scenario
Complete all routes

Clear the game without a game over.

Game cleared
Complete the game.

King of shot downs
Shoot down more than 200 enemies

Total war
use all spirit commands in the first stage

Only One Crash
In combat, damage to more than 10 million to one unite

Survived the miracle
One of your allies units Survive with 1 HP

That the common
In the battle, Lower the HP of the enemy to single digits.

Barely safe!
In battle, Ally's HP lowered to single digits

Full of elite troops heroine
More than 20 female pilots are ace pilots.

Stately captain
Shoot down more than 50 units with one of the battleship captains

Double Attack
Shot down four enemy units at once in a double attack.

Combination attack
Shot down five enemy units at once in combination attack.

Rush purse! ?
Use the flash with the Rhino "effort", "luck", "passionate"

Made a bad bet
Kyouske attacks an enemy with 0% attack rate

Wakaba mark
Clear Tutorial scenario.

The Ripper meteor, night
Ibis is shot down in space map

Clear the prologue stage.

Ace pilot
Shoot down 50 or more enemies with any Pilot

Top Ace
To more than 100 units shot down by a pilot

King is shot down
More than five units will be shot down in the first stage.

Full Upgrade
Fully Upgrade any Unit.

In One stage, shot down 15 enemy units with at least one pilot

Sniper king
Hit the enemy with a 14 range attack

Ichimodajin! ?
Attack more than 10 enemy units with a WMAP

Skanda heaven
Move more than 16 squares at a time.

Han, the impregnable
4 times in one turn, Russell makes a defense cover.

Ace Bancho
Shoot down 50 or more enemies with Michiru

Warrior of love
Used more than 10 times "love" command spirit.

Nekketsu troops
Using the "hot-blooded" spirit command, shot down 15 enemy units in one stage.

Instructor team captain indeed!
Kai is the leader of the combination attack, shot down four enemy units at a time

Supporters (Attack)
Support attack more than 15 times in one stage

Supporters (block)
support defend more than 15 times in one stage

Lots of Fighting ahead, opening
Install the game data.

Feel free to correct any mistakes I made

User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

5 years ago#28
TenkiHiryu posted...
Faction Komi Spear

Completionist School or Challenge Group or something. Though "Challenge" is a bit off base. "The group of people who go through again under different conditions", but Completionist School makes more sense to me.

That the common

"Common problem" seems closer.

Rush purse! ?

The Japanese is "Saifu-lash!?", where "Saifu" means wallet. The joke, obviously, is that it's phonetically similar to "Cyflash!". I have no idea how to translate that while keeping the joke.

Use the flash with the Rhino "effort", "luck", "passionate"

Please don't rely on Google without at least trying to make sense of the translation. It's obviously "Use Cyflash with the Sprit Commands Effort, Luck, and Hot Blood."

In One stage, shot down 15 enemy units with at least one pilot

"At least 15 units with one pilot", not the other way around.

Not to mention other things. Especially having three spaces between each line.
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User Info: KOFXIII

5 years ago#29
my 20th platinum.... i've been holding for this game.


User Info: Baby_ragna

5 years ago#30
Lol, survive with 1 hp should be categorized as platinum XD
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