2nd OG playthrough log

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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#21
Scenario 51: Calling of the Wind
SR Point: Within 4 turns destroy all enemies.
1 turn

Grunt filler scenario. I guess we didn't get enough of these yet. On the other hand, I've been wanting to get a 1 turn for a while now and this scenario gave me the opportunity. Use Awaken/Hope/Enable + Assault/Continuous Action to spread across the map and counterkill the grunts on EP1.

Scenario 52: Tell Me Goodbye
SR Point: Destroy all grunts by turn 4PP.
3 turns

After getting the SR point, defeat Contagio to end the scenario. You can also defeat Ignis (141k HP) for an SP Drink, one of the best parts in the game. Ignis and Contagio don't flee, no big combo attack needed.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#22
Scenario 53: The Seal's Omen
SR Point: Reduce Duban's HP below 70000 within 3 turns.
4 turns

You can get Duban below 70k on the first turn w/ Axel's Awaken. It doesn't matter though because you're forced to wait 3 turns anyway. He'll use Valiance under 50k, so there's not much point beating on him once you get the SP.

On 3EP enemies arrive along the west side of the map and the goal changes to defeating all grunts. On 4PP allied reinforcements arrive. Alternately, you can clear the scenario if you reduce Xianan's (the bird chick) HP below 75-80k. I picked on some grunts then Awaken/Enabled over to Xianan to end the scenario.


Space Route #2

Scenario 54: God's Prison
SR Point: Within 3 turns destroy 12 or more Snapil.
5 turns

Keep the allied ships alive or it's game over. Use some MAPs to weaken the upfront grunts while sending Continuous Action/Awaken groups to counterkill the farthest grunts.

Once you destroy all grunts, a boss shows up at 12 o clock. Reduce the boss' HP below 50k to finish. Not sure if it's possible to do 50k to this boss with the space route's limited roster. Maybe Viletta using a Maximum Break + HTB Cannon w/ Masaki Cosmo Nova supported by two heavy hitters w/ strong F attacks. Could 4 turn this if I knew the reinforcement boss position.

Scenario 55: Guest and Inspector
SR Point: Destroy 3 Zelanios on the same turn while the Zeidram is still on the map.
4 turns

Uh oh, it's the guests, the only grunts in the game that aren't a complete joke. Definitely use Confuse seishin with these guys. Your supers w/o Iron Wall can get wrecked pretty quickly. Once you destroy the Zelanios or if you reduce Rofu's HP under 50%, Rofu summons a bunch of reinforcements. Lower his HP below 30k or defeat all remaining grunts to finish the scenario. I recommend destroying the 3 Zelanios and then making Rofu flee all on the same turn so you don't have to deal with the reinforcement grunts.

Rofu drops a Giga Generator if defeated, so it's worth taking him down. I did it with Viletta starting a Maximum Break w/ HTB Cannon + Masaki's Cosmo Nova (both attacks hot blooded) supported by Yuki in the Giganscudo and Ryune's best attack.

Scenario 56: Operation Reconqista
SR Point: Destroy all grunts within 6 turns.
4 turns

Form up as many strong counterattack groups as possible. Get in there and start counterattacking w/ Confuse up. Drop some MAP attacks as well.

After you get the SP, reduce one of the bosses HP below 25k to end the scenario. They both drop the same High Performance Thruster part, and you can only defeat one. If you got the 30k boss before, this one should be even easier.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#23
第57話: 激震の白い大地
Scenario 57: Quake of White Ground?
SR Point: Within 3 turns destroy 30 or more enemies.
7 turns

The guest lieutenants temporarily join you in taking down Zezenan. Keep SP usage low when dealing with the grunts, and don't bother trying to take down the Zeranios. Shuu's MAP is absolutely devastating even to these upgraded guest grunts. Use MAPs and strong counterattacks to clear out the grunts around Zezenan quickly.

Once you take out Zezenan's carrier ship, he emerges in a 281k mech (on hard). He summons a few reinforcements as well. Spam Zeb's exhaust to get his morale down. He's immune to armor debuffs. He's easy to hit and his hit rate will be awful against anyone standing on the moon cradle w/ Confuse up. Kill him in a single turn to keep things simple.

第58話: クライシス・ポイント
Scenario 58: Crisis Point
SR Point: Defeat all grunts before defeating either boss.
5 turns

Ok, back from the guests to the same paper thin grunts. zzzz. Send your Continuous Action + Assault/Accel twins into the grunts to counterkill while everyone else heads for the bosses. You can't kill the bosses before killing all the grunts first, so clear them out asap.

Aquila still uses Iron Wall once below 30% HP (he has 160750 HP on hard, so at 48225 HP). Try to do a ton of damage just before he triggers Iron Wall so you don't have to deal with it much. I've tried using the seishin nullify special weapon and it didn't work on him. If his Iron Wall is too much to deal with, wait a turn and he won't recast it. Contagio is as weak as ever, just beat the crap out of it.

第59話: デザイア
Scenario 59: Desire
SR Point: Defeat all grunts before defeating Ignis.
8 turns

Save as much SP as possible when taking out the initial grunts and Ignis. Use MAPs to clear out the grunts behind Ignis, as they always defend and don't attack on EP. Leave 2 pilots behind to deal with the grunts in the corners. Instead of using defensive seishins against Ignis, take the damage and heal with a Prayer seishin from one of your support pairs. On turn 5 I had the SR point and took Ignis down.

Defeating Ignis causes Umbra and some grunts to show up around the Cross Gate. Once again try not to waste too much SP taking him down. The grunt wall around Umbra will all defend, so use more MAPs to clear them out. Once again try to avoid wasting SP and use Prayer or Trust if your party is injured. Umbra uses Confuse at 40% (48420 on hard), so you'll need to spend some SP on strike to hit him. Ignore the grunts to the sides as they will all retreat once Umbra is defeated. Umbra should fall by the end of turn 6.

After defeating Umbra, Perfectio shows up on the Cross Gate. He has no HP regen so don't waste too much SP on Awaken/Enable unless you're going to finish him off on that turn. At the start of every enemy turn, all allies lose 2 willpower. He'll almost certainly be spamming his MAP attack. Use Confuse seishin if the damage is too much to handle.

He regens his HP after about 150k of damage, then he does it a second time. Every time he regens he also raises his will up to 150. After he regens his HP twice you can bring him to 0. Don't bother spamming Exhaust on him, it's not worth it. He uses Confuse at 50% so you'll need to use a lot of Strike or wait a turn for it to wear off, since he only casts it once. Keep beating on him and he'll go down after 2-3 turns. It took me 2 turns, might take more on ex-hard.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#24
Hard Mode Route

第60話: ラスト・クライ
Scenario 60: Last Cry
SR Point: Defeat Duban within 4 turns.
2 turns

Once you reduce Duban's HP about 50%, Alfimi arrives right next to Duban. She's one of the best support pilots in the game w/ 60 SP Enable and 15 SP Attune (almost as godlike as Margaret's 60 SP Enable and Crowe's 10 SP Attune in Z2).

Once you defeat Duban, all grunts retreat and a second boss appears one tile south of where Duban used to be. This one doesn't have as dangerous of a MAP attack, but it still hits pretty hard. It has Bunshin and a 1200 dmg barrier, so barrier null attacks and Fury/Assault seishins are useful. It has 320k HP (on hard) and small HP regen, so don't start attacking until you're ready to take it down in one turn. It doesn't recover its HP or do anything special.

I zipped up and assassinated Duban on turn 1 using Great Encouragement spam and some Enable/Awaken. On turn 2 I took out the metroid boss thing using combo attacks and more Enable/Awaken/Hope/Supply. Unexpectedly good turn count. Should still be possible on Ex-Hard as I had plenty of firepower left on turn 2 (5 hopes, 2 enables, 2 awakens, 6 supplies, unused EN tanks, etc.) even after blowing up the metroid.

Oh and I replayed the scenario vs Perfectio and got it down to 7 turns. Not bad.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#26
第61話: 機人大戦
Scenario 61: War of Man and Machine?
SR Point: Destroy all enemies before destroying Ganron.
6 turns

As usual with a Bullet/Kushua Chinese mythology scenario, there are a ton of events and triggers. Your first task is to defeat Kukuru. Easy enough as she only has 87k HP and starts at 105 will. Once you defeat Kukuru, she'll move west and join your side. The white/purple monkey and red tiger bosses will appear near her. Sanger will move next to Kukuru and be able to move again regardless of whether he already moved, although he will leave any twin he was in even if they still have their turn. The SR point includes all the initial grunts on the map. Use MAPs or Leona/Ing counters.

Next goal is to defeat the monkey and tiger bosses. Lure them back towards the rest of your team so they can start attacking sooner. They both still cause -3 will to anyone within 3 tiles of them at the start of enemy phase. The monkey boss is particularly dangerous because his strongest attack (4 range) drains 20 SP from anyone it hits unless they have the Full Block ability part equipped. Reducing either enemy's health below 50% causes them both to spam a bunch of seishins, including Strike + hot blood at the start of enemy phase. They have a combined HP of about 350k. Both of them should be down by turn 4.

Once you defeat those two bosses, the turtle boss will arrive at 10-11 o clock surrounded by grunts, along with a dragon boss a little further in. If you want the SR point you have to defeat the turtle boss and all grunts before defeating the dragon boss. The initial grunts should be long dead, and all it takes is 1-2 MAPs to clear out the reinforcement grunts.

The turtle boss is still no pushover. Once you reduce it to 50% health, it recovers its HP and changes forms to the phoenix. At least that means it has no barrier, less armor, and won't use Iron Wall at 30%. The dragon boss won't move from its position so just ignore it until you're ready. It has large HP regen and about 300k HP so save enough SP to kill it in a single turn.

第62話: 母なる星の護り神
Scenario 62: Guardian God of Mother Earth
SR Point: Defeat Keren, Kanafu, and Zanavu within 6 turns.
6 turns

All 3 SP target bosses have 161k HP (on hard), Guard and a 1500 damage barrier. Use confuse if the grunts acc is too high. This is a good stage to use hot blooded MAPs on the center ring of grunts. You should spread out beforehand to counterkill the grunts around the map. On 5EP Gan Eden appears. Its ace bonus lets it cast Faith at 140 will, and it starts at 130, so if you don't watch out any enemies still on the map will get a huge heal. If you need until turn 6 to defeat the 3 SR point bosses, defeat two of them by 5PP while the third remains at full health, so the 50% heal won't do anything for it. If you manage to kill the 3 bosses before 5EP, Gan Eden will arrive immediately.

Gan Eden has 362k HP, a barrier, and has more defense the more enemies are left on the map. Its 6 range MAP attack is very powerful so be ready for it - maybe cast Confuse as soon as it appears on 5PP. Most or all enemies should be dead by the time 5EP rolls around. Once Gan Eden appears you're free to move on top of the tower to get the 10% surround bonus. It doesn't recover its HP although non-gameplay events happen as you damage it. It's pretty weak once all enemies are dead and a lv 3 armor debuff is used. It's basically another big damage sponge that doesn't do anything special.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

4 years ago#27
最終話: 古の忌憶
Final Scenario: Ancient Lamentations
1 turn

The final boss has 452k HP on hard. At about 40% HP some plot stuff happens and it jumps back up to about 70% HP. Use all the awaken, enable, hope, exhaust, and supply you've got. Just keep feeding it HTB Cannons and Zan Tornados and it'll go down.

Ok, first no upgrade/pp, low turn count, no allied deaths playthrough is finished. Final count was 308/62 scenarios (4.96 avg). Just barely squeaked under a 5 turn average. I'd like to finish Ex-Hard mode in under 300 turns.. we'll see how that goes. While I 1 turned the final scenario, it was pretty close. Top kills: Ing 169, Shuu 155, Leona 136, Ryune 127, Masaki 121.

I'll be recording video for my ex-hard run (probably). Depends how much more difficult it is.
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