Daily Diary of my game progress (Short explanation but don't expect much....)

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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#1
This topic will be about my progress into the game. I'll write a very very overall short explanation on how the story progress into the game in a daily format. (Rather than stage by stage) Kinda like a diary.... Was kinda debating this all night but I'd figured... Eh, might as well try to contribute something... >_>;;

A couple things keep in mind:

- Don't expect too much from it. Mainly cause I don't have as much flexible time as I used to so writing a detail explanation isn't ideal for me. This is generally just to get a "grasp" of how the story progress. If you want a more detail story explanation, another person will eventually do that. You're just going to wait till he writes one. (If he does)

- My grammar, spelling (especially those SRW names pronounciations and such...) aren't perfect. Don't hammer me. If you are confused, feel free to ask and I'll try to reply when I have my free time.

- Don't ask me questions about later on stories where I'm still not on. Da hell should I know. >.>;;;

- I may or may not do certain scene translation/interpretations if I feel amused to it.
Anyways, here goes:

Stage 0 to 8: Day 1.

Story begins with Ing trying to escape from where he was. He pretty much has no past memory other than the word "KouRyu-Sentai" which is the only key that he holds to seek for his memory.

The island was stealthed to the outside world which even the Satelite-Seeker could not seek anything inside the island. So for him to be able to contact anyone, he'd had to get out of the area till he was in the range area of the Satelite.

So of course, he's running away and there's going to be someone aftering him where the two RRR characters come in (as enemies). Duban (the male RRR) is more aggressive and Ariel is a bit more negotiative and first tried to talk Ing out to be capture but ofcourse Ing declined to do so, which in the end it came down to brutal force. Luckly, Ing was already in the range area which he cameflauged himself with self-distructing his own robot, escaping in a escape-pot hoping, someone will capture his SOS signal.

(Note: Seems that Duban and Ariel are related to the new Organization called "Gaia Saviors" but to what extend. I don't know... yet. And apparently Prof. Ozunu who is Ariel's creator has passed away and she's questioning about his death.)

On stage 1, it begins with Ibis and Tsugumi at the cemetary where Phillio has been barried. Ibis seems discouraged over his death where she loses her motivation on her dreams. Generally cause Phillio is the one who've been planting her (or otherwise Team TD's dream) dreams wider but now, that he's gone, she's practically lost her motives and doesn't know what to do anymore.

The next day, they had a test run on Alterion while L & E Corp. backing them up and they themself doing there own test run on there newly created Excellence Rescue. Then ofcourse while all test runs, something bad happens and boom, enemy appears in front of them.
After the battle was over, they found a escape-pot which Raul (Main character of SRW R) took with them and was suggested by Tsugumi to take them to the new military team that was organized after the Shura's Rebellion (OG Gaiden event) called "KouRyu-Sentai" which is Hagwane & Hiryu team combined.

(Note: You were here givin an option to whether to stop by to Hiryu or not. I chose "not to" mainly cause I'd want my MIO SASUGA asap.)
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#2
So... Raul and folks basically tossed Ing to Hagwane and left. Right after that all happend, they were summoned to La Gias.

Mean while, Masaki had his own journey with Ryusei and Kyosuke in Another Century Episode: R which he finally got back but Ryu & Kyo was nowhere to be found though he assumed they went back as he's been summoned back to La Gias so first thing he goes around encountering with some bandits to get current info on what's going on in La Gias. By defeating the bandit leader Gord (who ends up being your ally) and some explanation from one of the Langran comrade Tolls, he finds out Prince Feil was alive, war between Langran & Shutedonias has exceeded, and random earthians were summoned which Masaki encountered with Excellen as an example.

Also at the same time, a summon appeared which after battle, Masaki goes and sees who was summoned and takes her back to Tolls' nearby base. Conversation between the events sorta went like this:

Mio: Uuu... Itís morning aready?
Masaki: Oh? Seems youíre awake.
Mio: ...Huh? Kyaaaa!! W, Whatís going on!? Who are you!? Why are you in my room!?
Masaki: Wha!? Hey calm down! Look around! This isnít your room! Ouch! Quit scratching me!
Excellen: Waoh. I donít think even Kuro or Shiro can manage such cat claw!
Mio: Who are you people!? Why did you bring me here!? Iím telling you! My family are poor! You wonít be able get any money from us!
Masaki: Geez... You donít remember anything?
Mio: Kyaa! A kidnapper! Getíaway from me!!
Masaki: Oh shut up! Just listen to me! Got it!!?
Mio: ....!
Masaki: Listen. Iím not a kidnapper. This place is called La Gias... In short, itís a world that exist inside of Earthís inner space.
Mio: ....
Masaki: We saw you fai... No, it was more like sleeping. But any how, weíve brought you here. You got it?
Mio: ....So?
Masaki: So, what..?
Mio: So, whatís your motives? ... Oh, I get it! You must be charmed by my sexiness! You just couldnít resist so you kidnapped me, right!? And then, forcing me to marry you! Youíre not so bad looking but no, no. I donít like forceful men! Iím not going to marry anybody by force!
Excellen: Donít worry. Maasaís not that dependable.
Masaki: Now why would I pay attention to an elementary child like...
Mio: E...Elementary!? Iím 15!
Masaki: What!? Youíre kidding, right!?
Tolls: Sir Masaki, Iíll explain from here...
Masaki: ...Thanks. Iím a bit weak on these types. She reminds me of Lune.
Excellen: If she hearís that, oh big problem.
Gord: How so?
Excellen: Well, heíll receive a fist or two.
Gord: I pitty you, Sir Masaki.
Masaki: ... Oh shut up. Letís start on sorting the info...

(Note: Also, the reason why Gord became an ally. He was originally a Shutedonias Defensive Catain but was accused of being a Spy due to her wife being a Langran residence. He was able to escape but later found out that her wife had passed away due to illness as he became bitter about it. But after knowing that Masaki's going to fight with Shutedonias, he decided to tag along hoping for revenge on Shutedonias)
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#3
Aaaand so, more battles happen, they encounted with Ryoto and the Hagwane crew, Mio was capable for some reason to Pilot Diablo which has special requirements that no one was capable of piloting till she appeared (Previous Pilot had died. Also Mio herself mentioned that she's a player of Burning PT that Ryusei is hardcore on.)

They then decide to head meeting Ibun who is one of those sorcerors that is capable of summoning to earth which they found out that her computer went possesed on a Virus that they then had to exterminate. Though since they found everyone just yet, they decided to continue to find the rest of the crew while meeting the Prince along the way. In between of this, they've recruited the SRX team (exluding Ryusei) which first appeared as enemies but the reason behind all this was Mai was hold hostage. Hagwane crew found this out by receiving telekenesis message from Aya in which they managed to rescue her with the help of Tutti and her Goddess.

Later, they've went to meet Prince Feil for support on gathering the rest of the crue in return to help them as well. Along this whole mess, they encounter with Shu and Granzon which everyone thought he had died (end of OG Gaiden). Apparently, Shu's under amnesia and had no clue why he was hated by everyone buuut... I would think he should since he just goes appearing out of no where and gives all the enemies that were aftering him to Hagwane... damn bastard...

Also, the enemy had brought up one of the Masoukishin (Zamjeed) that wasn't fully functioned which Mio was able to communicate with it which Masaki and Tutti figured Zamjeed had chosen her as the new pilot. Also due to battle, Zamjeed was damaged and needed for repair.
(Also, the Hagwane crew at this point noticed something very wierd. Masaki's position. He actually acted more like a commander in La Gias which was very bizaare for the Hagwane crew. They were all like... "This isn't the Masaki we know..." ...Oh and uh... I'm convinced now that Irm does infact treat woman as woman nomatter there age... VERY old or young... ^^;;;)

end of Day 1. Maybe I'll add day 2. later tonight. >.>;;
Oh also, the LOE/OG timeline sorta goes like this:
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#4
Day 2: Stage 9 ~ 11.

Stage 9:

Basically the enemies here try to take hostage (yet again). This time with Princess Monica however, she escapes on her own and reveals herself as Princess Senia. Apparently Monic was infact captured but Shu kidnapped Monica (few stages back which is now present on the reason behind Shutedonia army were going after Shu) and escaped. So instead, they tried to use Senia in disguised to threat the Hagwane crew. Welp, that failed.

(Note: Reason why I guess they did this is due to Senia doesn't hold the royal heirs. How this works in La Gias I guess is the Royal Family needs also high plana to be considered to gain the heir.)

Anyways, back in the Hagwane, Senia goes jolly over the Earth's Robots and get's along with Ryoto on Robot talks. On the other hand. Rio is getting jealous.

Stage 10:

With a few fix up, Zamjeed was back and ready for battle (Yay!) And so, Mio rides Zamjeed and Presia takes over the Diablo which she had a few experience riding the robot in the past. Also here, Masaki explain his relationship with Precia. In short, Masaki was adopted by Precia's father in La Gias and also, he (Zeorut Zan Zenosakis) was Masaki's master but he was killed by Shu. This is also, first time that the Hagwane crew acknowledge's the reason behind all the Shu rage on Masaki.

After the another battle between Shutedonia's army, Langran heads were having a conversation on a treaty with Kirk's army so they can cooperate and defeat the rest of the Shutedonia army. However Kirks had a condition to have Prince Feil to resign his heir and have Prince Terius to take over Langran. Feil agrees to the condition as long as Shutedonia would be defeated. While the rest of the Langran heads weren't pleased with the conditions and had warned Feil that they might be scheming something, Feil doesn't seems so concerned over losing his heir. More over, he even mentions that if Kirk ever to betray and sabotage's him, he has no hesitation to fight back even if he dishonor's his name.

Back at Hagwane, Masaki decides to head back to his house and brings along Yuuki, Carla, Ibis and Tsugumi along with him. (To show around and such)

Stage 11:

Back at Hagwane, Ryoto got permission for Ing to test try on the simulation battle machine, hoping that he regains his memories. While that failed, his battle skills were revealed extremely high. Everyone pretty much questioned where he got all the training. (They've also tested for drug use or body enhancements but apparently nothing came up) They even tried to give him a shot on a data test drive on the R-Blade they're currently assemble to check whether he'll respond to that (Rai's idea to determine if he's a spy) but nothing.

At the briefing room, Masaki had returned and was shocked to hear Feil agreed a treaty with Kirks and there next battle ground was set in a few days. Kirks army would appear as backup.

So as planned, Hagwane Crew engages battle with Shutedonia army again. Soon after all enemies were cleared, reinforcements appeared along with Kirks army right after, clearing the Shutedonia reinforcement troops. Within the Kirk's army, Vegalion was amongst the ally but no matter how many times Tsugumi tries to contact Vegalion (which they're assuming it's Slei), no respond and flies out of the map. Masaki asks asks Kirk his intention behind wanting Prince Terius to take over Lan Gran which he then replies back that he feels Feil will become a great threat to La Gias and leaves the map,

Back at the bridge, Feil thanks Hagwane crew and that there current strategy over defeating Shutedonia is going well. While Masaki has his concerns about Kirk and tries to warn Feil, he mentions that the treaty was needed to defeat Shutedonia.

Day 2 ends for me. I NEED MORE TIME!!! I NEED MORE TIIIIIIIME!!!!!! >_>;;;
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#5
Oh and also, trying to have Zamjeed my first Full Upgrade robot:

And current top 5 pilots:

Must... make Mio my top... Ace...
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User Info: hyugaz

4 years ago#6
Just posting for a thanks, people like you are a blessing for us SRW fans that don't understand much japanese, keep up the good work and May Irui bless you :D

User Info: KingLazerman

4 years ago#7
Bump, thanks for doing this man.

User Info: Alkist_VZ

4 years ago#8
Are you going for any secrets?
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#9
Varial Zraok posted...
Are you going for any secrets?

I think I already have enough requirement for the LoE extra attacks. I have a few more stages to go so I'm not too worried about this one.

As far as Forte Gigas, not sure yet. I'm not sure who I'm going to end up using more often this time around. I have a few already set to use by heart regardless if they're useless or not.

Oh and I'm intending to finish with Hard Mode so I do have all the point per stage so far.
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User Info: Shui Gor

Shui Gor
4 years ago#10
KaneBlueriver posted...
Back at Hagwane, Masaki decides to head back to his house and brings along Yuuki, Carla, Ibis and Tsugumi along with him. (To show around and such)

just wanted to add that hilarity ensues when tytti serves yuuki a cup of tea....with eight spoonfuls of sugar into it
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