Daily Diary of my game progress (Short explanation but don't expect much....)

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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#161
Stage 57 Earth Route:

At Air Christmas bridge, Arteil arrives to the ship. Karlee reports KRS is heading straight at them and asks permission to deploy. Arteil mentions that they first need to prepare there trump card and shows to Karlee. Karlee was shock to see what was installed on the Air Christmas. Arteil mentions he'll order when to use it. Karlee then wonders why he didn't use it earlier.

At the map, Egretta tells Fef he's going to kill Ing no matter what he says. Fef approves but tells him to capture Re-Tech machines without damaging it as much as possible along with Meriol Esse. Egretta then thinks he's the true Machinery Children and Ing being supreme is unforgivable. Fef on the other hand wants to see if Ing has it to be the chosen one. He mentions he has no hesitation of giving any sacrifice if he can create something that exceeds both human and machinery children. Egretta then activates Game System and mentions that the old swords are no longer needed and even if they have currently strong power, it won't last forever. Rishu however mentions that humans powers passes by to the next generation. Egretta mentions that Machinery Children doesn't need that and can pretain there will and strength forever and is suited to be the true Guardian of Earth. Ing however doesn't feel that way. Egretta mentions to Ing he's no longer needed and got approval to kill him. He then mentions that Idealand isn't needed either. He then continues that Duban had vanished from them probably knowing that he's not needed. He then continues that he'll take take over there roll and they have nothing to worry after they die.

After defeating 30 units, Model-X appears and attacks Hagwane. Elde introduces the Model-X as the successors of Blaze and Ignite. She mentions that now AI-1 is installed, it became the ultimate weapon. Now that she got what she wanted, she no longer needs Aqua and Hugo and asks them to die here. Aqua decides to defeat Elde. Hugo mentions she'll pay for using him along with Albero and Foria. Elde mentions that he was aware he was being used and Mital had use for him on other things but now that he's dead it's not a matter anymore. Aqua and Hugo was shock to hear Mital died. Elde mentions she killed him cause he was in denial. She mentions that she'll do anything for her experiment. Touma and Excellen were pretty disgusted by her ambition. Hugo asks if he killed him from leaking anything or was it to take over the project. She replies she did it for AI-1. Hugo mentions he's fed up with her obsessions. Elde then tells them to use all there strength so that her AI-1 will learn even more and evolve.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#162
After chopping down Egretta, he regenerates. He mentions that he has the machine cells and can regenerate as much as he want. He mentions he will remain till the end and become the true guardian of earth. Ing asks if he knows the truth. Egretta replies even if he knew, he wouldn't tell him anything since he's going to die here. Ing then mentions that he can't die here and asks for the BBC.

Egretta: Whatever you're scheming, it's over! You're nothing but a copy of me!

Ing: Wrong! It's you that will end here!

*After attack

Egretta: I, impossible! I am, I am the originator...!!

Ing: ...

Fef: (...So he finally defeated Urz. Ing, you've accomplished well... Now the path shall open.)

Fef: (Now, you just need to...)

Fef vs Ing:

Fef: Ing... My child. It seems you haven't recovered your memories yet.

Ing: You're Egret Fef!?

Fef: Correct. I am your creator.

Ing: What are you scheming!? Why do I have telekenisis powers!?

Ing: No, who am I!? What are you trying to do with me!?

Fef: Didn't Egretta tell you? You don't need to know.

Ing: Then I'll force you to confess!

Fef: (...Good. You will continue to gain powers.)

Fef: (Will you end up becoming the chosen one or not. At this moment, you are under a route split.)

After defeating Fef:
Fef: Im, impossible...! With such military power, I still lost...!?

Ing: Answer me, Egret Fef! What is your true motives!? Why did you give me a life and power!?

Fef: T, too bad... I cannot see you... till the end...

Ing: Gr! I'll have to pull him out!

Fef: It's no use... This is also, a possible result...

Ing: ...!!

With that, remaining who might know something is Arteil and Amara. Ing decides to ask questions to Arteil.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#163
After chopping down AI-1, it regenerates. Others notice it's not regenerating as fast as before. Kai orders everyone nearby to focus on attacking Garbels. Elde wonders why when all the problems have been cleared.

After defeating AI-1, Elde mentions AI-1 had learned from this battle. Elde tells AI-1 to continue to fight and can bring Garbels true powers. Though the regeneration isn't keeping up. Hugo and Aqua mentions that it's over for her. Elde denies and mentions that it was in perfect condition. Hugo replies she and AI-1 alone can't defeat them and explodes. Aqua mentions no sign of Garbels and it's over for Tsuental Project.

Soon after, Arteil appears. They basically have a conversation on the previous events and questions to Arteil why he doesn't seriously capture them when they had several opportunities. Ratsel mentions he believe he has other intentions using KRS. Arteil however denies and mentions his intentions are to protect the earth. Ing asks why he was attacking him. Arteil replies he just had interest on a Machinery Children that escaped. Arteil mentions that his Telekenisis powers were also unexpected but since his memories won't recover and against of him, Arteil mentions he will eliminate him. Arteil then orders to attack. Tetsuya tells Kai to capture Arteil if possible.

After shooting down Amara, Arteil thanks for her support and poof, Garilnagant explodes.

After shooting down Air Christmas, Arteil laughs and mentions that KRS is one step closer becoming the true guardians of earth. He then mentions that he'll leave the rest upto KRS and defeat Luina. The ship explodes and crashes down into the sea and explodes again.

Back at Hagwane briefing room, they report to Jacob. Jaycob mentions they're still unaware how to bypass the Barrel's barrier. Joycob mentions they'll be activating the Operation Ice Breaker while Barrel is quiet. He then asks Hagwane to head to Fabla Forest.

Meanwhile, others were confuse what Arteils intentions were. Ariel wonders where Duban is. School kids were a bit bitter over there schoolmates death. Aqua as well bitter over Elde's death but Hugo tells her she deserved what she got and she has nothing to be concerned about. Ing was bitter not knowing his reason of existence but decided to focus on defeating Luina and Barrel first.

At Fed HQ, Daniel reports they found 17 Archin in Grand Christmas but other labs they speculate using EOT technology were destroyed and needed time to inspect further. Next was to take care of Luina and Barrel.

Back at Hagwane, Azuki reports she received contact with Hiryu Kwai and they're at Antarctica.

Stage 57 Earth Rout End.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#164
Current Top ACE:

And finally was able to fully upgrade my Hiryu Kwai!
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#165
Stage 58:

Tetsuya reports Lefina about the events that happened. Lefina then reports about cooperating on Operation Reconquista to defeat Guest with help from Mekibos who came as an inspector of Zvork. She mentions he came to seize battle between Earth and Zvork but Zezenan refused to the end and defeated him. She also mentions Mekibos & Shu are also tagging along. Then mentions how they entered earth which they found a hole between the barriers of Barrel and Luina. Once she entered earth, she faced the Luina but received support from Kustos.

Meanwhile, Saphine greets others. Aqua gazing over her sexy outfit. Princess Monica introduces herself with her awkward dialect which both Shine & Lamia responds. Others decided to eat. Gracies still not used to "eating" and spills.

Rim: ...How about you, Ventus? Did you get used to it?

Ventus: We didn't resupply are energy this much... But it isn't so bad. Especially this liquid.

Masaki: W, wait. That drink... that COLOR...!

Task: Is that the Fatal Kusuha Juice!?

Ing: ...I asked Kusuha to make me some. She mentioned it's the Super Mild Version...

Masaki: So... You really did challenge it.

Ryusei: D, did you drink it already...!?

Ing: Yes.... Unlike the rumors, it was delicious.

Task: Y, you gotta be kidding...?

Michiru: Then someone should try it.

Kouta: Then since you mentioned it, you try it.

Michiru: W, why me!?

Kouta: Oh? Could it be you're scared?

Michiru: Oh, no! Fine. I'll drink it!

Latooni: Ah!

Ryusei: Stop!


Ryusei: ....That's it?

Masaki: I thought, you would faint...

Michiru: It's terribly bitter but it aint as bad as fainting.

Ryusei: So, I guess it's really a Super Mild Version...

Shouko: B, but... Ing and Ventus just said it was delicious...

Fiona: ...There taste buds are definitely odd.

Precia: Ah, Gracies again...

Gracies: M, my apology.

Aqua: ...Glancing at her, reminds me of a child...

Saphine: And when Precia looks much younger. Or is it some sort of "Play"?

Shine: Play...? What do you mean by that?

Saphine: Fufu, well...

Tutty: Hold it right there, Saphine. Don't teach Princess Shine naughty things.

Precia: ...There you go, Gracies. I finished wiping.

Gracies: Thank you.

Shouko: You act like a mom, Precia.

Gracies: I don't understand how you all are seeing between me and her... But it's still shortly since I was created.

Mizuho: Then, your birthday is...

Gracies: Birthday?

Josh: The day you were born. We humans every year, celebrate the day we were born.

Gracies: My day of birth... I'm not aware.

Ventus: It's that important to know?

Aqua: Well, depends on the person I guess...

Shouko: It's more like... It's a nice feeling that others celebrate your day of birth.

Fiona: Then how about we decide a day for you? We did it for Despenith.

Despenith: Mine was... the day I was adopted by Fiona.

Rim: Then bro... We should do it that day. The day when Ventus and Gracies came with us.

Josh: But, that day was also...

Rim: I know... But I'm sure Chris would have done the same...

Ventus: (Rianna...)

At the briefing room, Lefina reports the time of Operation Ice Breaker. She mentions that they've receive reports on Luina troops are placed at the barrier. Ratsel finds it freaky that they're just waiting there. Guilliam speculates they're intention might be facing against anybody part of the Operation Ice Breaker to awaken there "Destruction Lord".
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#166
Meanwhile, Josh was praying on the god he never believed in.

Gracies: Josh... What are you doing?

Josh: ....Praying.

Gracies: Pray?

Josh: That's right... I was praying to God. Something I never believed in.

Gracies: God... You mean the Barrel God?

Josh: No... It's an Supreme Existence we humans illusion.

Gracies: What is the point of paying to an illusion?

Josh: At the very least, to make us feel better.

Gracies: ...You humans are odd.

Josh: Perhaps... What's wrong?

Gracies: Nothing...

Josh: Gracies... Are you...

Gracies: What...?

Josh: Are you... afraid?

Gracies: Could it be....? This is fear...? This is what fear feels like? But why...?

Josh: I'm not sure.

Gracies: I'm... afraid? To face Perfectio....? To fight who've created me...?

Gracies: I'm sensing death... fearing of being eliminated...

Josh: ....

Gracies: I'm feeling fear of disappearing... And not living by your side... Impossible. I am...

Josh: Gracies.... That's no fake or given. That's what you call life and having a heart.

Josh: It's proof that you're a live... Just like me.

Gracies: Josh... You are feeling fear too?

Josh: Of course I am.... No matter how many times I fight. I told you before. No one wants to die. But someone has to do it.

Gracies: Humans... are strong. Facing fear and fight to it.

Josh: And now... You're one of us.

Gracies: But... what if... Even if I were to be living after this... This world would not accept me...

Gracies: Perhaps I should be perished with Perfectio...

Josh: I'll... create a place for you...

Gracies: ....

Rim: Bro... Ah, are you alright?

Josh: Yeah.

Rim: It's almost time to pilot.

Josh: Got it.

Josh: Dad... I'll be returning to Fabla Forest. To face what you've done...

At Antarctica, Eita reports Luina and Kustos are in battle.

At map, Kustos were eliminating the Luina grunts. Aquira returns to the Meritenpulm. Hagwane appears then Kustos retreats. Lefina orders to continue to head towards to Luina. Ventus & Gracies then guides KRS to Fabla Forest.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#167
At the new map, Aquira reports KRS is coming. KRS appears and your troop deploy. Ventus mentions that he feels the Destruction Lord is awakening soon. Contagio then speaks mentioning to fight and there Lord with guide them to death. Touma then tells them to shut up and they came to defeat them. Contagio mentions his will to fight will also be a bait for there Lord. Aquira mentions they're just facing death. Saphine however enjoys the threat and it's turning her on. Excellen wonders if Saphine's feelings would effect the "Destruction Lord". Axel asks someone to shut Saphine up. Then Chika starts babeling Saphine is a shame to there team. Axel then asks Shu to shut Chika up. Shu just mentions to ignore them. Auira mentions that there lord wishes despair and fear to everyone. Mekibos points if that includes them as well. Aquira mentions it does and it's part of there reason of existence. He then mentions Gracies gotten weaker and senses her fear and tells her to fear them as the rest of the humans. Ventus however disagrees and mentions that the humans are stronger and will not be overwhelm by fear. He mentions he now knows why humans can be strong. Aquira then tells them to show it. Josh mentions he'll close the gate which his father opened even if he has to risk his life. Hugo then tells Aqua to keep an eye on Josh.

After defeating Aquira, he accepts his defeat and mentions to try to go against there fate. He then thanks everyone he feels a live at this moment. Then perishes.

After defeating Contagio, he accepts his defeat and mentions his death will also help awaken his lord and will trigger there despair. After Contagio explode, Josh mentions he didn't come here to be in despair.

Once all enemies are defeated, the ground begins to shake. Eita mentions that the shake created a crack on the glacier and will open a whole. Lefina orders the rest head underground. Josh mentions they'll now be heading to Fabla Forest.

Stage 58 end.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#168
Stage 59:

At the map, Luina were waiting. Clifford mentions they've reached the central core of Fabla Forest. Lefina mentions the blue glowing area looks like a gate. Clifford then mentions that he never seen that device before which he speculates it might have appeared after Fabla Forest was activated. He isn't sure whether that device was originally there or if the removal of the seal caused it to change form.

After deploying your ally, Josh clarifies if Clifford never seen that device. Clifford mentions if he did, he would have mentioned it before. Josh then asks Ventus and Gracies which both mentions they never seen it however, Ventus since all the negative energy focusing through the device which he speculates where the "Destruction Lord" is located. Guilliam and Roar seems to notice what the device is. Right after, Mai and Ryusei mentions he feels he's seen that somewhere but not sure. Rim wonders why Ryusei and Mai seen it before when they (Rim and Josh) never seen it. Kusuha & Brit then mentions she's seems to seen it somewhere as well. (***Probably Alpha 3 Dejavu) Excellen mentions there Dejavu sounds too much of a coincidence. Kouta then mentions they for sure saw that before and points to Axel. Axel agrees and mentions they saw it in an alternative dimension. (***Infinite Frontier: Exceed) He continues to explain they called it "Cross Gate" in that world. Hugo asks if Luina came from that world. Kouta replies it's probably not since they never met any Luina over that alternative world. Axel explains they don't know where the name originated but the Cross Gate seems to exist in multiple worlds. Kouta then asks Roar if he seen that before. (**since Roar was asleep the whole time in Exceed.) Roar mentions he's seen that before in another dimension. He explains he doesn't know a whole lot about Cross Gate but he does know that where ever Cross Gate existed, that caused the world through chaos. Shu on the other hand realizes among his Lost (Fake) Memories within the word Cross Gate which he was glad he tagged along. He then realizes it's not only his Granzon's "Black Box" fault that the earth's borderline area's are being shake up plus the alternative guest mixing into this world. Lamia then asks why Ryusei and Kusuha has seen it before. Excellen guesses it might be there previous life memory. Ryusei and Brit mentions it's more like they've seen it but it's very vague. Radha mentions maybe it's linked to Telekenisis pilots but Ryoto replies he doesn't recognize it. Ing on the other hand doesn't feel any dejavu but the name Cross Gate seems to catch his attention. Shu now curious why there are multiple people sensing the Lost Memory aside from him. Shu then wonders if Ing's memory isn't lost but was implemented by someone. But either way, Shu decides to see what the outcome brings them. Irm asks Mekibos if he seen it before. Mekibos replies he never seen it. Ratsel mentions perhaps they can destroy Cross Gate and stop the "Destruction Lord" from awakening. Ignis then laughs and mentions they'll end KRS here. Ventus mentions he came to stop the "Destruction Lord". Ignis replies he'll eliminate him. Gracies on the other hand mentions he wont allow him to do that. Ignis then mentions he didn't want to see her corrupted anymore and he will end her. Josh mentions he's passing through to end what his dad caused.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#169
Gracies vs Ignis:
Gracies: Gracies, I don't want see you corrupting anymore. So I'm going to kill you before it get's even worse.

Gracies: I cannot end here... If Josh needs me, then I will destroy the "Destruction Lord".

Ignis: That's impossible! We are the Meriol Esse! We were created to destroy this world!

Iginis: Our life is destruction! That's right. Destruction! I'll deliver that to you! Then...!

Gracies: I promised to live with Josh. That will no longer change...!

Ignis: Then, I'll destroy that thought of yours! And destroy everything surrounding you! I'll destroy everything!!

After defeating Ignis, he was shocked in his defeat. He mentions he doesn't want to die leaving Gracies behind and curses Josh. Josh mentions that he learned a sense of anger and fear in the end. Ignis then realizes how it feels to hate someone. Gracies asks to stop but Ignis mentions it's too late for that. He then realizes Gracies sad feeling. Gracies mentions she's sad to see him die. After Ignis explodes, Josh mentions he learned human feelings like Gracies and Ventus. Then right after, Umbra appears with reinforcements. Umbra mentions with there hatred, sorrow and fear, there lord will awaken soon. Axel asks if he's appearing from the Cross Gate. Umbra confirms. Kouta asked if they're the ones who've created the Cross Gate. Umbra declines but mentions that the Cross Gate had existed long ago which brought chaos and destruction to the worlds. She mentions that the one who've gave them knowledge called it Fabla Forest. Josh asks if she meant his father. Umbra replies it's useless now to know the truth. Since she didn't deny, Josh speculates it's his father. Russel wonders who created the Cross Gate but Katina tells others to forget that and defeat Umbra and the Cross Gate first. Task mentions he has bad feelings defeating her will waken there boss. Umbra then mentions humans will end here by delivering despair and fear.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#170
After defeating Umbra, she mentions this must her fate and if it is, then she'll sacrifice herself for her lord. Once she explodes, the area shakes. Aqua mentions she signaled high energy from the Cross Gate. Lefina orders everyone to destroy the Cross Gate but Shawn stops her since the energy is so high that it might destroy the whole area. Then Precia and the Telekenisis pilots sensing negative power. Then from the Cross Gate, human-like appears. Axel asks if he's the Perfectio. He (Perfectio) mentions that Perfectio is the bodies name. He mentions he's the one who brings darkness back to it's first beginning. Touma replies he's not allowing him to spread darkness to this world. Excellen then realizes that Perfectio looks like someone. Clifford mentions that he looks very similar to Josh. Josh & Rim asks if it's his dad. Perfectio then mentions that he knows Josh from the knowledge he obtained. Clifford mentions if Ferio is still alive. Perfectio however, declines and mentions his soul had perished and this body of his is now his. Josh then asked if bringing him was his fathers intentions. Perfectio declines and replies Ferio found a "Key" to open the "Gate". Josh then asks what he means by "Key". Prefection then replies it's similar to there Sympathia. He mentions originally the "Key" he implies in his world means those that deliver Negative Energy to him. Rim asks why they were able to use the sympathia. Perfectio explains that there sympathia was probably the "Key" for this shrine that was created by the past civilization. He mentions they're the ones who've faught against them by creating the Shrine and the Sympathia. Josh asks if they're Earthling. Perfectio replies they look like them (Josh & others) but they no longer exist by sacrificing themselves to seal him. Rishu wonders if Chokijin's "Hyakuja" also includes Luina. Ratsel however mentions if they were, Barrel would have come here. Kusuha agrees to Ratsel and she mentions RKO doesn't seems to know them. Perfectio mentions that the past civilization nor Ferio didn't know everything about the "Key". He mentions those who obtain the "Key" will gain knowledge but lose there souls which will bring destruction in the end. As an example, Perfectio points that Meriol Esse are the outcome of those whove obtained the "Key". He then shows Ferio's memories to others.
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