Newest SRW game announced

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User Info: werasdzxc

5 years ago#21
Shale0 posted...
Like these?


And the Miku Fei Yen? Would never have expected that.
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User Info: MJEmirzian

5 years ago#22
Am I going to have to import a 3DS for this? ugh - Tactical Insights. Tactical turn based and tactical/strategy game news/reviews.

User Info: 180223

5 years ago#23
Kraker2k posted...
From: 180223 | #018

No Getter, no Kabuto Kouji and no UC Gundam. Plus, this game will have some form of DLC. I don't know about you but I have mixed feeling for this.

Getter and UC Gundam have been excluded from SRW games before, J, K and L for example. Though Mazinger or Kouji has always had a presence in some form or another.

I know about UC Gundam/Getter not being in J, K and L but it seems that Banpresto has made the final step by removing Mazinger/Kouji altogether.

Guess this will be the way for a new generation of SRW games.

User Info: kurimawtaktak

5 years ago#24
No Stardriver, Heroic Age, nor Diebuster... Damn it!
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User Info: Rorshacma

5 years ago#25
Well, I had been hoping Heroman would show up in a future title, so I guess that's good news. And its nice to see Dunbine back in the series, though I had always hoped that when/if it returned, they'd also finally bring Escaflowne back alongside it.

But, the series list isn't doing too much for me, so I don't think this will be the title that makes me shell out the cash for a Japanese 3DS.
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User Info: Sid_Icarus

5 years ago#26
From: kurimawtaktak | #104
No Stardriver, Heroic Age, nor Diebuster... Damn it!

I'm ok with that. I'd rather have Star Driver and Diebuster in Z3. Diebuster because it's a perfect fit with the rest of the Z cast, and Star Driver because odds are Z3 will be on a Sony system and I just want to easily play Star Driver.
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User Info: SteveO 528

SteveO 528
5 years ago#27
If this really is true, that is one weird-ass series list.
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User Info: 180223

5 years ago#28
SteveO 528 posted...
If this really is true, that is one weird-ass series list.

It is already confirmed to be true. And yes, this series list is even weirder than the one in NEO.

I can already forsee Miku fans buying this game simply because a of Fei-Yen.

User Info: JudasHelel

5 years ago#29
Source for full series list?

User Info: buff23232000

5 years ago#30
will definitely get a 3ds for this.. already did it with the ps3 so why not get another...
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