Newest SRW game announced

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User Info: ShinononoHouki

4 years ago#71
I highly doubt they are going to put out of those Dynasty Gundams, there's way too friggin many. I'm gonna assume they will do it like they did with the SD gundam games and have just the main few. And a few villains like Lu Bu tallgeese.~_~
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User Info: sou

4 years ago#72
Sonsaru posted...
It's the roll over effect again. They can't announce the next SRW until the current one on the slate is released. One company is not going to have two games in the same series essentially competing with each other. The fact it has only been two weeks since OGs came out shows just how much that delay messed up their schedule.

Not really.
2ndOGs was announced over a year ago and we got Z2 Saisei-hen, LOE2, etc in between.
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User Info: buff23232000

4 years ago#73
im just happy ninja robots are back!

User Info: starqo

4 years ago#74
sou posted...
Tendou88 posted...
I thought the 3DS would get Gundam AGE. I guess it is too hard to fit in a SRW game.

AGE was just finished, wait a year or two.

Ouch, is this the one game that will make me get a 3DS....

Looking at the series list, Kazuki Yao is now the sole VA who has voiced in every voiced SRW (excluding OG).
He voices Tiberius in Demonbane, and F.S. if we get to use Dragon Hive.

Wait a second! it really confirmed that this will be voiced? Wasn't that just something people were hoping for?

User Info: hazardbarzard

4 years ago#75
See how the release date is in the middle of March next year, it sounds to me they didn't put a lot of work into it and will be a quick release till the next major SRW announcement. Or that they've been working on it along 2ndOG as a side project. Judging from the screen shots, the sprites are just improved version of the L from the DS, and they're reusing scenes from the animes as cut-ins(not a fan when they tend to do that).

Between that weird list that I don't care much for and the 3DS being region locked, looks like I'm not gonna be playing this.

User Info: Sid_Icarus

4 years ago#76
Yeah guys, just saying but this game technically got announced a while ago. When the 3ds's initial lineup was announced, there's one thing I noticed on the list. Super robot wars (3ds title). I think we can all presume this is that game.
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User Info: werasdzxc

4 years ago#77
180223 posted...
Setsuna is gonna have an orgasm when he meets those SD Gundams.

He always wanted to be a Gundam so here's his chance to meet a real living breathing Gundam.

It can't be!.. You are... You are.... GUNDAM?
Speedwagon withdraws coolly.

User Info: Hazmattaz

4 years ago#78
For the 3DS? Welp, looks like I'm gonna have to skip it. Unless the region lock gets cracked, no way I'm buying a Japanese 3DS just for this. That series list is underwhelming me, as well. Almost half of them we've already seen in L.

Still, I wanna see how it all looks like in motion, so I'm interested in a PV.

User Info: Mellow_RG

4 years ago#79

topic related
So I heard you like Nyarlathotep

User Info: ShinononoHouki

4 years ago#80
Mellow_RG posted...

topic related

Can someone tell me what the **** I just watched?
Previously Known as raging Hitomi.
3DS FC:5069-3994-5272 PSN:NanbuKaguya
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