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User Info: Alexander31

4 years ago#1
I need advise regarding captioned.

If I plan to get Forte Gigas, then the upgraded units of Rim and Josh are still available? So that I can choose to use those mechs or Forte Gigas?

Or the two upgraded mechs are completely lost and replaced by Forte Gigas?

Other people can pilot Forte Gigas? Or other people can use Dea Blanche Neige?

Thanks for coming!

User Info: RockmanZeroEXE

4 years ago#2
You still keep the other 2 mechs, so you can switch between the two. Unfortunately, only Joshua with Rim as a subpilot can pilot Forte Gigas. I tend to switch between the two, mostly so I don't have a squad be a lone. Just remember that if you switch from Forte Gigas back to the other mechs, that you also have to reassign Rim to her original mech or she won't pilot anything.
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