tips on morale gain?

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User Info: shuist123

4 years ago#11
You can find a way to spam the twin unit great rally spell that gives all units +5 morale.

User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#12
d00kieb posted...

so let's say I have Kyosuke and Excellen in a twin and Arado and Seolla in another twin, Kyosuke and Arado (being main units) would've gotten the morale requirements but not Excellen and Seolla.

does that mean I have to switch Excellen and Seolla to main units for them to obtain the kills for morale gain?

I would advise you not to twin unit characters that have combination attacks. Mainly cause you want to use Rampage Ghost and Twin Bird Strike initiated during Maximum Break.

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User Info: d00kieb

4 years ago#13
Point taken... although I was just trying to get MB to work in the first place :)
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#14
The easiest way is instead of focusing on your sub characters, on your previous turn before using MB, find four of your characters that already have 140 morals and make sure they're next to each other. Next turn, separate your current twin unit and attach all the 140 moral characters in twin. Then use Maximum Break.

If you're evenly killing of your grunts. Then most of your main characters should have 140 morals.
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User Info: Vegerunks

4 years ago#15
The best Way I've learned is make 2 twins right off the bat out of the ones you want to get the Max break with. Then once the leader of each twin reaches 130 Morale(Shouldn't take too long I have 4+ twins every mission going between 142 and 150 and i just reached stage 18.) Then Push Square before selecting that group to change leaders and then get a few kills with them. That will usually get both sets to 140.

Edit:Forgot to finish what I was saying lmao.
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User Info: afreaknamedpete

4 years ago#16
Zengar, being relatively high armor and possessing little to no ranged weapons, is really easy to get morale with. Throw him into a group of grunts, they'll attack him because he can't counterattack, guard the attacks, and you get instant high morale. This kinda works with Kyosuke - both characters you need lots of morale for. This helps alot when there's not enough grunts to go around.

Not a big fan of Maximum Break though. Pretty much the only way to take out most retreating bosses, and because of it Kyosuke ends up hogging all the boss PP drops.
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User Info: werasdzxc

4 years ago#17
afreaknamedpete posted...
Not a big fan of Maximum Break though. Pretty much the only way to take out most retreating bosses, and because of it Kyosuke ends up hogging all the boss PP drops.

PP is split evenly on new game+ so it doesn't really matter in the long run.
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User Info: Kraker2k

4 years ago#18
Kill all the grunts, making sure everyone gets a few kills.
Go into the menu settings and turn on the will display, that shows you the will of every unit on the map so you don't have to press a button all the time to look it up.
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