Unit Tiering

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User Info: AngelWingZeroX

4 years ago#21
Knux19 posted...
I usually refer to it as Chain Attack to avoid confusion with the Consecutive Attack twin spirit and actual combination attacks.

Let's do this.


User Info: SabreNuage

4 years ago#22
JL Lee posted...
....yeah, right. SCREW THE USUAL TIERS!!

Most impressive returning character: Tetsuya

Why Tetsuya ? Haven't finished the game yet though so I don't know if he has anything special to come...

Me, I'd have said Touma :D

User Info: JL Lee

JL Lee
4 years ago#23
Touma is under the "new character" list, since his previous appearance is more of a cameo than anything else.

Tetsuya...in-game is not really impressive (Hagane still sucks badly) but as a character he has totally grown in his role as Captain Flawless with his decision making skills.

Come to think of it, both him and Lefina didn't place a single wrong command at all, aside from the big "twist" before the Ruina Sealing.
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